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  1. The Neoliberal Fuel to the Anti-Gender Movement

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    BRUSSELS, Oct 22 (IPS) - policy in the area of rights through international non-profit organisations. Her areas of interest include sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality, women's rights and social justice*. The number of newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who oppose women's reproductive rights, gender equality, sexuality education, same sex marriage and the Council of Europe Convention on Violence Against Women (Istanbul Convention) stands at around 30 per cent.

  2. Private Finance and Agenda 2030: Way Off-Track

    Monday, October 21, 2019

    NEW YORK, Oct 21 (IPS) - Manuel F. Montes is the former Permanent Observer to the UN for and Senior Advisor on Financing and Development of the South CentreFour years ago, UN member states proclaimed their ambitions for development in a document named "Transforming Our World", also known as Agenda 2030.

    Today, according to several assessments including of the UN's inter-agency task force on financing for development (FfD) transformation has fallen off-track. It has received too little money, political commitment and action to change the workings of the global economy. Agenda 2030 spells out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) needed to ‘transform our world'.

  3. Trump Poised to Withdraw from Open Skies Treaty

    Friday, October 18, 2019

    WASHINGTON DC, Oct 18 (IPS) - KINGSTON REIF is director of disarmament and threat reduction policy at the Arms Control Association and SHANNON BUGOS, research assistant.The Trump administration is reportedly on the verge of withdrawing from the 1992 Open Skies Treatyaccording to lawmakers and media reports. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, first sounded the public alarm in an Oct. 7 letter to National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien.

  4. Religious Leaders’ Plea to Member States: Honour Your Commitment to the UN

    Friday, October 18, 2019

    MOSCOW, JERUSALEM/BEIRUT/NEW DELHI/TOKYO, Oct 18 (IPS) - The authors are religious leaders and members of Religions for Peace, representing several faiths, including Christian/Orthodox, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and BuddhismOn the 8th of October, the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that the organisation is running out of money by the end of October - "member States have paid only 70 percent of the total amount needed for regular budget".

  5. UN’s 75th Anniversary Shadowed by Right-Wing Nationalism, Widespread Authoritarianism & Budgetary Cuts

    Thursday, October 17, 2019

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 17 (IPS) - When the six much-ballyhooed high-level UN meetings concluded late September, there were mixed feelings about the final outcomes.

    And civil society organizations (CSOs), who were mostly disappointed with the results, are now gearing themselves for two upcoming key climate summit meetings: COP25 in Santiago, Chile in December and COP26 in Glasgow, UK in late 2020, along with the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Women's Conference scheduled to take place in September 2020 in New York.

  6. Huge moment for Ethiopia as Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace prize

    Saturday, October 12, 2019

    ADDIS ABABA, Oct 12 (IPS) - It's one of the world's most prestigious honours, and has been awarded to Ethiopia's prime minister in recognition of his inspired leadership across the Horn of Africa. But the award also comes at a time when his domestic policies and credibility are under increasing strain.Ethiopia found itself in the global spotlight for all the right reasons after Abiy Ahmed, its young, dynamic prime minister was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. Wanted: Bold Leadership by António Guterres: On Sustainable Funding of United Nations

    Friday, October 11, 2019

    KATHMANDU, Nepal, Oct 11 (IPS) - The United Nations is faced with a financial crisis once again. Leaders of as many as 64 countries who paraded and pontificated at the UN General Assembly and its multiple Summit meetings in September 2019 were deadbeats, who had not paid their dues in full to the UN for this year.

  8. Aid Groups Warn of Humanitarian Crisis from Turkey’s Assault on Syria

    Thursday, October 10, 2019

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 10 (IPS) - Aid groups operating in northeastern Syria have been raising the alarm about civilian casualties and an impending humanitarian crisis this week, as Turkey began a military assault on the turbulent region's Kurdish militants.

  9. UN’s Cash Crisis Can Have Serious Consequences, Staff Unions Warn

    Thursday, October 10, 2019

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 10 (IPS) - The UN's smoldering cash crisis, which has threatened staff salaries and payments to vendors, has triggered strong reactions and rattled the over 6,400 staffers who work in the 39-storeyed Secretariat building in New York.

  10. UN Faces its Worst Cash Crisis in Nearly a Decade

    Wednesday, October 09, 2019

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 09 (IPS) - The Secretary-General wrote to Member States about the worst cash crisis facing the United Nations in nearly a decade. The Organization runs the risk of depleting its liquidity reserves by the end of the month and defaulting on payments to staff and vendors.

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