45 Q & As: Intervention, Afghan and Iraq

With kind permission, the following article, originally posted on ZMagazine is reproduced here. It provides a number of questions and answers on the issues of the war on terror, and the increasing threats of war on Iraq. This article can be found at its original location, http://www.zmag.org/45qairaq.htm1.

45 Questions and Answers
By Stephen R. Shalom and Michael Albert
9 October 2002

The following pages below this page discusses the currently threatened invasion of Iraq and the on-going War on Terrorism, as a series of questions and answers.

These are split into the following parts:

  1. 10 questions and answers on intervention in general;
  2. 17 questions and answers on 9-11 and Afghanistan;
  3. 18 questions and answers on Iraq;

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  1. http://www.zmag.org/45qairaq.htm

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  • Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2002

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