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What's New July 1998

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July 31 1998.

  • There may be a moratorium for a couple of years on the logging of Brazilian Mahogany, but some say this is too little and too late... Go There!
  • Monsanto looks set to drive forward around the world despite any minor setbacks... Go There!
  • UK's use of mercenary soldies comes under criticism... Go There!

July 30 1998.

  • Some UK plan to improve the immigration process is received with mized feelings... Go There!
  • Over half of USA's aid last year was focused on military... Go There!
  • Nelson Mandela spoke out on the need for more equity in the globalisation process while attending a Mercosur summit... Go There!
  • Corporations have a lot of influence -- even when states like Massachusetts try to enforce some sort of regulations...Go There!
  • Some farmers in USA have criticised the practices of Monsanto and on the whole notion of GE Food... Go There!

July 27 1998.

  • A link to information on Immigration... Go There!
  • It's just banana's, isn't it? Well, it's a bit more than that to some Caribbean Countries. The trade negotiations surrounding bananas will affect their livelihood... and give us a hint at how the major players will handle trade agreements... Go There!
  • Some more new links on information regarding trade... Go There!
  • Even more new links on information regarding trade -- Corporate Accountability Project Go There!
  • Some new links to information regarding Causes of Poverty... Go There!
  • Monsanto is a big player in G.E. foods... Go There!
  • Economics and politics will affect the implementations of the Kyoto Protocols... Go There!

July 24 1998.

  • USA seems to be strongly against the International Criminal Court. Even though they were out-voted by a huge international majority vote of 120 to 7... Why? Go There!
  • Some additional resources on the ICC. Go There!
  • There has been a rise in the number of internal conflicts. Jonathan Powers also has some interesting inputs and insights into this... Go There!
  • Who is Jonathan Power, anyway! Go There!
  • Some major corporations are hoping to contribute to the Global Warming situation by being much more efficient in their use of energy. Go There!
  • A couple of items for more information on Global Warming. Go There!

July 23 1998.

  • 44 new species of animals were found in Papua New Guinea... Go There!

July 22 1998.

  • Careless waste management can lead to environmental problems... -- Go There!
  • The UK Court of Appeal ruled that the Government was unlawful in allowing a genetic maize trial to go ahead... -- Go There!
  • Some anti-racist groups are starting to buy racist Internet domain names... Go There!

July 21 1998.

  • In Uruguay, a system for improving access to water has been developed and could help 1.2 billion people... -- Go There!

July 20 1998.

  • New Quote from Edward Said! -- Go There!
  • As of July 18, 1998 the ICC has been given the go-ahead, dispite... -- Go There!
  • In USA, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 triggered anti-Muslim sentiments... -- Go There!
  • This page is created!!

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