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What's New, January 1999

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January 31, 1999

  1. Military arms sales are often indiscriminate. Last year, a third of the $14 Billion arms sales were made by the US to known Human Rights violators... Go There!
  2. Military propaganda can be seen in many movies. The Pentagon, for example, spends a lot of public money on major military films so that the image portrayed is as they want, not necessarily the way it actually is... Go There!
  3. Poor media divesity regarding the policies surrounding the Iraq crisis prevents real public debate about the issue. One good article from the Washington Post (actually, an opinion piece by someone from the reputable Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) would get drowned by the thousands of others that are not as diverse on this issue... Go There!
  4. Canada has refused to use a controversial, genetically engineered hormone in cows that produce milk. However, there have been a number of tactics by Monsanto to silence the facts about the growth hormone which is widely used in many nations... Go There!

January 22, 1999

  1. Many journalists are still killed, jailed or even tortured because of their opinions... Go There!
  2. Phillips-Van-Huesen have come under criticism for apparently closing a factory in Guatemala because the workers tried to form a union to protect their basic rights... Go There!
  3. A new report from the Worldwatch institute suggests that the global economy could be affected by environmental and resource problems... Go There!
  4. Intellectual Property Right policies end up transferring knowledge from the public domain (where it has been for thousands of years) to private corporations, who seek to make a profit... Go There!
  5. Biodiversity is still shrinking in Europe... Go There!

January 16, 1999

  1. While even the recent past hasn't shown much progress in basic rights for most people, the coming century does not seem to look too bright either... Go There!
  2. Suppression of people in other countries prevents democracy and leads to continual lack of basic rights... Go There!
  3. The foreign policy of many nations are being driven by power hungry politics and has been so throughout history... Go There!
  4. The US/UK attack on Iraq was bad timing -- not because of impeachment, but because the UN Security Council were in session about this very same crisis at the same time the bombing commenced... (Military action, by international law, has to be agreed by the UN Security Council...) Go There!
  5. Are security concerns being diverted into military sales and expenditure that may be unnecessary? Go There!
  6. Some have suggested that the lack of global regulations has contributed to the current financial crisis... Go There!
  7. Brazil's IMF debt has led to the cut of a major rainforest project... Go There!
  8. What has the UN said about poverty/debt etc? Go There!

January 6, 1999

  1. Children are often put on the front lines of conflicts. Their reintergation back into society once a conflict has ended can be very difficult... Go There!
  2. The latest military strikes against Iraq, a UN report says, hit many non-military targets... Go There!
  3. When regulations are applied corporations just move to places where there will be less pressure from the government or unions etc to provide fair working conditions... Go There!
  4. The developed nations of today had the very same protectionism in the past that they are asking the developing nations (via the IMF) to relax today... Go There!
  5. The same causes of Global Warming are also polluting our waters and oceans... Go There!

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