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  • From Amy Goodman:
    • Check out parts I1, II2 and III3 for a journalist's first hand account when she was caught up in the middle of a massacre in Santa Cruz, East Timor, 1991. (Part I starts about the corporate media in the US and then goes into the situation in East Timor.) Together with Alan Nairn, Amy Goodman, they were able to bring increased awareness about this problem to the rest of the world.
    • Amy Goodman also hosts the radio show Democracy Now and the late August4 and the entire September5 archives have had a lot of perspectives about East Timor. She has had almost daily live or recorded interviews with journalist Alan Nairn, who was thought to be the only US journalists left in East Timor until he was arrested and deported.
    • An additional link worth checking out is a documentary6 titled "Massacre: the Story of East Timor". It describes a massacre in 1991 and also the role of the US since 1971.

  • FAIR's coverage7 of how the media have handled the issue is comprehensive, as always, with lots of information.

  • ZNet coverage8 is excellent as usual. They provide essays and articles that look into a number of issues surrounding the crisis, including the historical, social and institutional contexts and consequences. This Question and Answers9 article is pretty good, from Stephen R. Shalom, Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert. It provides some good historical and political context about this crisis.

  • A ton of articles from Guardian10. Worth checking out for sure. A lot about the UK's handling of this can be found here, as well as good all round international coverage. John Pilger regularly writes columns for the Guardian and has often been critical in the issue of East Timor in the past. One very good article of note during the period after the voting ended and violence started, is this one entitled Jakarta's Godfathers11.

  • The Mothor Jones section12 on East Timor has excellent material too. It also has some extremely shocking and graphic pictures smuggled out of East Timor showing how brutal the paramilitaries have been.

  • The East Timor Action Network13 web site is a great place to start.

  • OneWorld resources include:
    • Their Dispatch14 on Indonesia and East Timor
    • News15 on various stories from Indonesia and East Timor.

  • East Timor Today16 has a lot of on-going coverage and is worth checking out.

  • Megastories17 has a section on Indonesia which also provides a lot of information.

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