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Due to various personal circumstances since 2015, I have not updated my own content. As a result, I have not sent out email updates since that time.

I am hoping to resume updating and writing my own content soon.

If you continue, you will be informed as and when I do resume writing.

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If you are still unsure about whether to sign up, why not try the Web Feed as an alternative? See the previous link for details on what RSS is and how you can use it.

Why can I not get news stories by email?

News stories continue to appear on this site automatically almost daily.

At this time, they are not available via email because it would cause daily emails to be sent out, flooding inboxes.

However, you can still subscribe to the news stories via the web feed. Web feeds are easier to manage for this kind of information. Read the previous link for more information.

If there turns out to be a strong demand for email updates for news stories, then this option will be reconsidered at that time.