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What's New August 1998

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August 31 1998.

  • The recent global financial and economic turmoil has many complicated causes -- one of them is due to lending institutions like the IMF... Go There!
  • A link to another view on what it means to be a rogue state... Go There!
  • The recent wave of patents by large corporations could mean that local people would have to end up buying what they may have been using for generations, free of charge... Go There!

August 28 1998.

  • A link to more information on racism. This one is a link to the World In Action's investigation into Combat 18... Go There!
  • A Biosafety protocol regarding genetically engineered organisms and their safety is facing delay tactics by the European Union on the issue of responsibility... Go There!

August 27 1998.

  • Pakistan's involment in the recent strikes by USA in Afghanistan come under question... Go There!
  • Does the current model of Development need a facelift? Go There!

August 25 1998.

  • The bombing of the Sudan factory by US cruise missiles will deepen the health crisis that the country faces... Go There!
  • Globalisation is good for goods, not really for people, even as national identity is changing due to globalisation... Go There!

August 22 1998.

  • Another link for more information on Media and Rights -- an interview with Noam Chomsky about propaganda... Go There!
  • A new section under Arms Trade called "Foreign Policy and Terrorism". Right now, there is a bit about USA's foreign policy and impressions towards the Middle East, in the wake of the bombings in East Africa... Go There!
  • Chinese authorities admit that the huge floods in China may have been made worse due to excessive felling of trees... Go There!

August 21 1998.

  • The USA Strikes Back. To retaliate and get the message across that they will not put up with the type of bombings that was seen on August 7 1998, over 75 cruise missiles were fired upon two sites, in Sudan and Afghanistan. Go There!
  • More information and resources on the International Criminal Court Go There!

August 17 1998.

  • 51 percent of the world's wealthiest bodies are owned by transnational corporations and calls for more accountability by them are being made... Go There!
  • A link to more information on Genetic Engineering of Food -- this one is an interview with Dr Vandana Shiva, a leading figure in the fight against biopiracy... Go There!

August 16 1998.

  • Some more links to trade related issues from the perspective of media representation... Go There!
  • Military propaganda can also be subtle... Go There!
  • Women caregivers aren't given much attention in the media -- unless they are very prominent... Go There!
  • Fox TV fired a couple of journalists who refused to broadcast false reports -- this is another link on that story... Go There!
  • A new quote about the media... Go There!

August 14 1998.

  • New link for more information on Poverty, Development etc... Go There!
  • Not everything that has made it into mainstream media has been represented accurately... Go There!
  • Washington doesn't seem as keen as the European Union on a Code of Conduct for the sale of arms... Go There!
  • ... and they also seem to dislike the current ICC setup which has led to criticisms of USA becoming more isolationist... Go There!
  • ... although they did at least take part in a meeting regarding small arms! Go There!
  • Are India and Pakistan going the way of USA and the former USSR? Go There!
  • An Indian psychologist says that there are similarities between those leaders who are proponents of nuclear deterrants with mass murderers and psychopaths! Go There!
  • Racism occurs all over the world... Go There!
  • It's not easy, but women are trying to get more rights around the world... Go There!
  • Quote from Albert Einstein... Go There!

August 12 1998.

  • The International Criminal Court can help child rights too... Go There!
  • More links from Human Rights Watch regarding the use of children in armed conflicts. Some of these are very interesting, to say the least... Go There!
  • Spain and European immigration policies seem to be causing problems... Go There!
  • There will be a conference soon on biosafety with over 100 countries in attendance... Go There!

August 11 1998.

  • Some links regarding Climate Change and the Kyoto conference Go There!
  • July 1998 was the hottest month in the World since reliabel records began... Go There!

August 10 1998.

  • Lots of Anti-Nuclear protests around India and the World on the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing... Go There!
  • The BBC and ITV in UK increase mainstream media coverage and debate looking at a study of genetically engineered food that got the professor saying that he wouldn't eat GE Food... Go There!
  • Another link to lots of resources and news items from the Campaign to Ban Gentically Engineered Food... Go There!

August 8 1998.

  • An interesting look at the rogue states Go There!
  • Food shortages around the world is a political problem as this report shows. Go There!
  • The Internet is heralded as the new Information Revolution... How will the poor fare? Probably not as well as first dreamed -- although it is still possible that the poor can benefit. Go There!

August 4 1998.

  • UN's Human Rights Committee criticises Israel's continual violatation of human rights Go There!
  • Italy tries to deal with undocumented immigration problems and right wing elements show their colours... Go There!
  • An additional link to some more information on Biodiversity has been added. Go There!
  • Monsanto will begin it's full onslaught onto Europe soon. Go There!
  • The Texas company that managed to patent a variety of Basmati rice tried the same thing with Thailand's Jasmine Rice... Go There!

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