9/11 Investigation

From the 9/11 Commission reports which are often criticized for not investigating deep enough (and often being blocked or slowed down by the Bush Administration) to independent investigations by family groups and conspiracy researchers, the causes of the 9/11 attacks will perhaps always remain mired in controversy. For example,

  • Some believe Al Queda did not do it.
  • Some believe the Bush Administration knew of the attacks and let them happen so as to instigate their own agenda of more control and power nationally and internationally.
  • Some believe the Bush Administration probably didn't know but once it happened, attempted to take advantage of it for those same agendas.
  • Some believe Israel was involved.
  • And so on.

Those who are adamant about their view will not accept other views and possibilities, and may even be convinced by a twisted logic that therefore those suggesting other views and possibilities may themselves somehow be part of the conspiracy!

Families who are concerned about what happened to their loved ones are often forming their own investigations, or pressuring the government and independent commissions in various ways to increase and improve the investigations.

Other groups and movements are also springing up attempting to uncover additional details.

The following collection of articles listed below are reposted from other sources looking at the war on terror from the perspective of the 9/11 investigations and causes.

I have not had time to read everything in this area, so the number of reposted articles are a bit short right now focusing mostly on what I have come across somewhat in the mainstream. Over time, more and more will be added.

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