News headlines in November 2009

  1. WORLD AIDS DAY: Growing Up with HIV

    Sixteen-year-old Andela Milambo* wants a husband. She is not looking for love, but for someone to share the burden of living with HIV. She wants to be able to take her medicine without having to hide, to discuss the recurring herpes with someone who understands.

  2. INDIA: Climate Change Fuels Rural Out-Migration, Rising Farm Debt

    Under a shed made of bamboo and corrugated sheet metal, Purusottam Sur feeds his two bullocks and a cow with a bundle each of dry paddy plant. A fifth of his five-acre paddy harvest will be used only as cattle feed; the rice seeds just did not develop because of untimely rains this monsoon.

  3. U.S.: Katrina Lawsuit Raises Broader Questions About Levee Safety

    Since a federal judge ruled earlier this month that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was responsible for the devastating 2005 levee breach at the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, some legal scholars believe that millions — or even billions - could be owed to additional Hurricane Katrina victims.

  4. US-IRAN: Moving Again Toward Confrontation

    Iran's announced intention to build 10 new nuclear enrichment plants has been deemed 'unacceptable' by the administration of President Barack Obama, which warned Monday of increased pressure on Tehran if it does not soon accept Western proposals to curb its nuclear programme.

  5. MEDIA-LATIN AMERICA: Women Deserve Better Press

    'The press will change when they cease to report exclusively from a masculine point of view,' Peru's deputy Minister for Women, Norma Añaños, told participants at an international seminar for journalists on 'Women at Work, Women as Leaders', held in the Peruvian capital.

  6. HONDURAS: U.S. Criticised for Recognising Post-Coup Poll

    On a sunny Sunday afternoon in Washington, DC's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, about 50 protestors lined up outside a polling station where voting was taking place to help select the next leader of a country almost 3,000 kilometres away.

  7. POLITICS-NAMIBIA: Born Frees Make their Mark

    'It was like writing my first exam. I was nervous and didn’t want to make a mistake. I must have checked the ballot 10 times.'

  8. HONDURAS: President-Elect Promises Unity Government

    Porfirio Lobo, the presidential candidate of the right-wing National Party, won the elections Sunday in Honduras that were backed by the de facto government in power since the Jun. 28 coup that overthrew President Manuel Zelaya.

  9. Q&A: Forging New Paths to Sustainable South-South Cooperation

    Countries from the South are assuming leading roles in decisions on global issues ranging from economic recovery to food security, climate change and HIV/AIDS.

  10. CLIMATE CHANGE: Commonwealth Champions Adaption Fund

    South African President Jacob Zuma admits that before to coming to Trinidad for the bi-annual Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), he met with its secretary general, Kamalesh Sharma, to discuss the relevance of the grouping in today's evolving global power structure.