News headlines in April 2012

  1. U.S.: Citizens Reclaim Energy Cooperatives

    As the United Nations and countries around the world look at cooperatives as an alternative economic model for the production of energy, rural energy cooperatives have thrived for over eight decades in the U.S., and citizens in some parts of the country are beginning to reclaim them through the democratic process.

  2. U.S Government Admits to Drone Attacks

    In a major address here Monday, John Brennan, the U.S. official in charge of counterterrorism, formally admitted that the United States engages in attacks using armed unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as 'drones'.

  3. Powerful Latin American Media Chose Not to Publish WikiLeaks Cables

    According to a book published in the Argentine capital, major Latin American newspapers with access to the secret cables obtained by Wikileaks decided not to print them because doing so would run counter to their own interests.

  4. COLOMBIA: Missing French Reporter’s Journalistic Mission

    Romeo Langlois, a French reporter in Colombia, removed his helmet and bullet-proof vest and ran towards the guerrillas during fighting between them and Colombian army troops on Saturday, Defence Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón reported.

  5. Another Olympics Sans Saudi Women?

    While athletes around the world enter their final stages of training for the 30th Olympic Games in London this July, Saudi Arabia stands alone as the only country who has banned females from participating.

  6. High Oil Costs Drive Jamaica's Clean Energy Agenda

    A growing appetite for oil and some of the Caribbean region's highest electricity rates and petroleum prices are driving Jamaica's thrust toward clean energy alternatives.

  7. Energy Forests, the Feminine Art of Reforesting

    María Elena Muñoz industriously weeds a clearing in the forest and then digs several holes, where she and another four dozen women are planting plantain seedlings, to help feed their families in this poor farming area in El Salvador.

  8. Q&A: The Road to Rio Goes Through Cairo

    The U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) rightly believes the road to Rio goes via Cairo - and that sustainable development and population are inextricably linked.

  9. Mali Heading Closer to Civil War

    Since January, various groups of Tuareg rebels in Mali have come together in an attempt to administer a new northern state called Azawad.

  10. Laos’ Herculean Effort to Join the WTO

    After almost a decade of major economic transformation, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is on the brink of World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership.