News headlines in November 2014

  1. When Social Unrest Vents Itself on Migrants

    ROME, Nov 30 (IPS) - "It's like putting explosive, gasoline and matches all in one shed. These are things that should be stored in separated places."

  2. Only a Few Drops of Water at the Lima Climate Summit

    MEXICO CITY, Nov 29 (IPS) - Although it is one of the victims of global warming, water will not be given a place of importance at the COP20 climate change conference to be held Dec. 1-12 in Lima, Peru.

  3. Athens Sit-in Highlights Catch-22 for Refugees

    ATHENS, Nov 29 (IPS) - A sit-in protest by Syrian refugees on Syntagma Square opposite the Greek parliament in the heart of Athens has turned into a demonstration of the stalemate faced by both Greek as well as European immigration policy.

  4. Citizens of the World, Unite!

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 29 (IPS) - As politics, economies, conflicts and cultures become increasingly intertwined, will individual identities also begin to transcend national boundaries?

  5. OPINION: People with Disabilities Must Be Counted in the Fight Against HIV

    NEW YORK, Nov 28 (IPS) - Jane is a young Zambian mother with a physical disability in Lusaka, who uses a wheelchair to get around. She does not let clinics without ramps or without wheelchair accessible toilets and equipment stop her from claiming her right to health care, including HIV prevention services.

  6. Led by INTERPOL, U.N. Tracks Environmental Criminals

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 28 (IPS) - A coalition of international organisations, led by INTERPOL and backed by the United Nations, is pursuing a growing new brand of criminals - primarily accused of serious environmental crimes - who have mostly escaped the long arm of the law.

  7. Elections Offer Little Solace to Sri Lanka’s Poor

    COLOMBO, Nov 28 (IPS) - Priyantha Wakvitta is used to seeing his adopted city, Colombo, transform into a landscape of bright sparkling lights and window dressing towards the end of the year.

  8. Democratising the Fight against Malnutrition

    ROME, Nov 27 (IPS) - There is a new dimension to the issue of malnutrition – governments, civil society and the private sector have started to come together around a common nutrition agenda.

  9. OPINION: All Family Planning Should Be Voluntary, Safe and Fully Informed

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 26 (IPS) - The tragic deaths and injuries of women following sterilisation in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh have sparked global media coverage and public concern and outrage.

  10. Internal Ruling Party Wrangles Stall Development in Zimbabwe

    HARARE, Nov 26 (IPS) - With the ruling Zimbabwe Africa National Union Patriotic Front party in Zimbabwe seized with internal conflicts, attention to key development areas here have shifted despite the imminent end of December 2015 deadline for global attainment of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).