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  1. Solving the Climate Crisis is Beyond Governments

    - Inter Press Service

    PANAMA CITY, Aug 20 (IPS) - Throughout my ten years working in international development and climate policy, I've mostly heard colleagues talk about the private sector as if it was this intangible, multifaceted medusa with its own business lingo that is impossible for us policy experts to tackle: "the ‘private sector' needs a return on investment in order to act on climate" or "the ‘private sector' does not have the right incentives, but we need ‘private' capital to solve this crisis"

  2. UN Aid Boss Promises “Punishment” for Misconduct in Yemen and Palestine

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Aug 20 (IPS) - A senior United Nations official has promised a thorough investigation into allegations of misconduct in field operations in Yemen and the occupied Palestinian territories, saying that those responsible would be punished.

  3. South Must Also Set International Tax Rules

    - Inter Press Service

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    SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 20 (IPS) - Recently, Christine Lagardeoutgoing Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), argued that developing ‘countries need a seat at the table' to design rules governing international corporate taxation.

    This acknowledges recent IMF findings that developing countries lose approximately USD200 billion in potential tax revenue yearly, about 1.3 per cent of their GDP, due to companies shifting profits to low-tax locations. Oxfam estimated in 2018 that extreme poverty could be eradicated for USD107 billion annually, i.e., about half the lost revenue.

  4. World Health Organisation’s New Effort Can Help End Neglected Tropical Diseases

    - Inter Press Service

    ABUJA, Aug 19 (IPS) - Recently, the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched global consultations for a new Roadmap on how to eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). The roadmap would help achieve universal health coverage by 2030, address health emergencies and promote healthier populations.

  5. Addressing Gender & Protection Issues During Humanitarian Emergencies

    - Inter Press Service

    PORT VILA, Vanuatu, Aug 19 (IPS) - Vanuatu is among the world's ‘most at-risk’ countries to natural disasters. In the last 12 months alone, the country has faced multiple volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, cyclone and tsunami.

  6. The Role of Women’s Organisations in Crisis-Settings

    - Inter Press Service

    BEIRUT, Aug 19 (IPS) - To mark World Humanitarian Day, we celebrate the overlooked women leaders who are first responders, unwavering advocates, and powerful change-makers in humanitarian emergencies.

  7. How Tibet Doubled its Life Expectancy

    - Inter Press Service

    LHASA, Aug 19 (IPS) - Tibet's complicated typography means that the terrain is not easy for its people. Whilst the country is breathtaking, one incredible story about Tibet is that of the dramatic socio-economic changes the region has undergone.

  8. Russia and Syria in the Spotlight for Latest Idlib Medic Deaths

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Aug 16 (IPS) - Medical aid groups have again blasted Russian and Syrian government forces this week for an ever-growing death toll among doctors, paramedics and other health workers in military strikes in northwestern Syria.

  9. A Key Role for 1.8 Billion Youth in UN’s 2030 Development Agenda

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Aug 16 (IPS) - The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) is convinced that the world's 1.8 billion adolescents and youth—a quarter of the global population—have a key role to play in helping implement the UN's 2030 Development Agenda.

  10. Establishing a Science & Technology Park is No Walk in the Park

    - Inter Press Service

    BANGKOK, Aug 16 (IPS) - The success of Silicon Valley has been inspirational for many countries worldwide wishing to establish science and technology parks. In Asia, successful science and technology parks can be found in many economies, including China, Japan and Thailand.

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