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  1. Desert Opera Finds New Meanings

    The imposing stronghold is almost transparent, barely noticeable, in the pitch- black desert. On top of the stands, with a thousand kilowatts at his finger’s tip, Avi Yona Bueno turns the night into lights, revealing sets, sites, and sounds. 'I’m god,' smiles the lighting designer. 'I’m god to my children.'

  2. Israel Opens Doors to Push South Sudanese Out

    Moses Gadia speaks quietly, a detailed and colourful map of South Sudan on the wall next to him. In the courtyard outside, a group of six men, all South Sudanese refugees, chat in the shade of plastic tarps.

  3. At Home, Israelis Attack Africans

    It’s Saturday night in south Tel Aviv. Amine Zegata, a 36-year-old refugee from Eritrea is reopening the small bar he owns in the HaTikva neighbourhood. The pub was closed after Jewish Israelis smashed his windows and the bottles within during the race riots two weeks back. But Zegata has been assaulted twice since then. Violence against African refugees is continuing.

  4. Beyond Beirut, Islamists Advance

    Cities in the North and South of Lebanon have witnessed a rise in the number of attacks targeting bars and alcohol vendors, a relatively new phenomenon in a country famous for its vibrant club scene.

  5. Attacking Iran Likely Counter-Productive, Think Tank Warns

    While a nuclear-armed Iran would pose significant new challenges to the United States and Israel, a military attack by either country to prevent Tehran from developing a weapon could well prove counter-productive, according to a major new report released here Wednesday by a think tank close to the administration of President Barack Obama.

  6. Tahrir Square: Round Two

    The long-awaited verdict in Egypt's 'trial of the century' - a life sentence for ousted president Hosni Mubarak and acquittals for most other defendants - has brought the people back to Cairo's Tahrir Square. The controversial court rulings come at a time of extraordinary domestic political upheaval, with Egypt's first free presidential runoff only ten days away.

  7. Refugees Crowd Behind Five-Star Checks

    A group of Palestinian Jerusalemites steps down from a crowded bus to let two Israeli soldiers climb aboard to check identity cards, below the aluminum roof of this newly operational checkpoint terminal.

  8. Verdict Revives Egyptian Anger

    If the life sentences for former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and one of his key allies were meant to placate Egyptians, they have had the opposite effect.

  9. Women Look for a Place in New Egypt

    'It was so frustrating but so exciting at the same time,' recalls 15-year-old Mariam Assam, a year-10 student in Cairo. Assam was recalling the days she tried to join protestors during the Egyptian revolution in January 2011 but was intially prevented by her parents who said street protests were no place for a girl to be.

  10. Egyptians Protest Choice Between Right and Right

    Like the delayed after-effects of an earthquake below the ocean before the subsequent tsunami hits adjacent coastlines, Egyptian anger finally exploded this week after several days of stunned silence following the controversial results of Egypt’s first-round of presidential elections.

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