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  1. HAITI: Partners in Deforestation and 'Slumification'

    More than 100 Haitian families now have new housing, thanks to the support of two non-governmental organisations working on reconstruction following the country's devastating 2010 earthquake.

  2. HAITI: Funding Dries Up Even as Rains Worsen Cholera Deaths

    As predicted, the beginning of the rainy season in Haiti brought exponential increases in the numbers of people sickened and killed by cholera.

  3. Post-Quake Haiti Severely Dependent on Private Sector

    More than two years after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, NGOs and private contractors are continuing to provide 80 percent of the country's social services.

  4. Haiti Ratifies Business-Oriented Prime Minister

    Almost three months after the seat was left vacant when the former prime minister resigned due to disagreements and political wrangling with the president, as of Monday, Haiti finally has a new prime minister.

  5. Coming Together for Environmental Restoration in Haiti

    In honour of Earth Day, we run an interview with Yves-André Wainright, who discusses ways that poor governance and the role of foreign donors have contributed to the country's environmental catastrophe.

  6. Shelters Don't Shelter Haiti's Needy

    Almost half of the emergency shelters distributed by the British organisation Tearfund in the mountains above Léogâne remain uninhabited six months after they were built.

  7. Q&A: Group Founded by Rape Survivors Lifts Up Haitian Women

    In Haitian refugee camps, women are still crammed under plastic or cloth tarps that provide no security and quickly become overheated by the sun. Sexual abuse, harassment, assault and rape run rampant, even as political responses to these dangers have stalled. But KOFAVIV, a women's organisation founded by and for rape survivors, offers a glimmer of hope.

  8. Temporary Toilets Threaten Permanent Damage in Haiti — Part 2

    Complete with gallery and garden, the 534 wood and plasterboard houses are arranged in neat rows on a gravel plot of former sugarcane land northwest of the capital.

  9. Money for Cleaning Toilets in Haiti Down the Drain? — Part 1

    The drawdown of hundreds of non-governmental organisations which have been in Haiti since the disastrous 2010 earthquake was inevitable. But with their departure, so too goes their purse and the millions earmarked for cleaning latrines.

  10. Simple Steps to Improving Aid Effectiveness

    As donors struggle to meet their aid commitments, and the number of people around the world in need of direct humanitarian and development assistance skyrockets, many experts and activists are asking the tough question: are donors being effective?

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