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  1. CDs Become Weapon in Political Armoury

    Kunasekaran Krishnan (43) is a member of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) who hopes his newly released CD of 10 'revolutionary songs' will help convince voters to back the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) in the general election that is widely expected to be held this year.

  2. Desert Opera Finds New Meanings

    The imposing stronghold is almost transparent, barely noticeable, in the pitch- black desert. On top of the stands, with a thousand kilowatts at his finger’s tip, Avi Yona Bueno turns the night into lights, revealing sets, sites, and sounds. 'I’m god,' smiles the lighting designer. 'I’m god to my children.'

  3. Youth Reaffirm Indigenous Identity

    Barefoot and clad in traditional clothes, over a hundred indigenous Aetas gathered around a bonfire in a community nestled in the mountains of Capas town, in the Philippines’ Tarlac province. They had come together to celebrate their traditions and to instill in youth a sense of pride in their cultural identity.

  4. Money Still 'Buys' You Gold at the Olympics

    The Olympic Games are widely viewed as a chance for countries to showcase their fastest, strongest, most skilled and disciplined athletes, a time when political, economic and cultural differences are set aside and individuals are judged on personal merit alone.

  5. For Minorities in U.S. Public Schools, Risk of a Dismal Future

    As the United States struggles to level the racial disparities in its education system, the birth rate of minorities has been rising steadily. Experts say this confluence of statistics should compel Americans to seriously address the flaws and failures of the country's public education system.

  6. Battle Rages to Stretch the Legal Concept of Family in Nicaragua

    A bill under discussion in the Nicaraguan parliament has unleashed a nationwide debate on the concept of family.

  7. Muslim Extremists Go Gaga in Indonesia

    A sell-out concert by controversial U.S. pop star Lady Gaga scheduled for June 3 in the Indonesian capital was called off by the concert promoters on the weekend citing security concerns. This has reignited debate in the local media about the clout of 'extremist' Islamic groups in the country and police inaction to limit what many in the media call their 'thuggery'.

  8. Israel Takes Up an Olympian Fight

    A financial crisis, clashes between coaches, a case of shoplifting — forget all the problems. Last month, Israel’s judokas won four medals at the European Championship. They now have their eyes set on London 2012.

  9. Peru — Megadiverse, and Biodiversity-Aware

    One of every two Peruvians knows what 'biodiversity' means, and most would stop buying products that are not socially or environmentally responsible, according to an international survey that for the first time included this megadiverse South American country.

  10. Taliban Seek Support ‘in Rushdie’s Name’

    Taliban members have resorted to invoking fictitious links of academics with writer Salman Rushdie in a bid to boost their popularity.

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