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  1. Pakistans 10 Billion Dollar Flood Funding Question

    - Inter Press Service

    KARACHI, Jan 18 (IPS) - Experts question Pakistan's 10bn USD funding for flood rehabilitation, asking if it wouldn't have been better to access climate change grants.

    Terming the recent international donors’ conference held in Geneva a “success” after Pakistan was able to secure 10 billion US dollars, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has promised “every penny” of the pledges will be used towards rehabilitation of flood-hit people.

  2. Pakistani Flood Survivors Welcome Funding, But Demand Immediate Disbursement

    - Inter Press Service

    PESHAWAR, Jan 13 (IPS) - People in flood-affected areas of Pakistan have welcomed the pledges at an UN-sponsored donor conference in Geneva on January 9 but want to see an immediate cash flow to facilitate their journeys toward normalcy.

  3. More Austerity in 2023 Will Fuel Protests

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Jan 13 (IPS) - This week world leaders meet in Davos to discuss cooperation to address multiple crises, from COVID-19 and escalating inflation to slowing economic growth, debt distress and climate shocks.

  4. Malawi Suffers Worst Cholera Outbreak in Decades

    - Inter Press Service

    BLANTYRE, Jan 09 (IPS) - On March 3, 2022, Malawi declared a cholera outbreak after a district hospital in the southern region reported a case. This was the first case in the 2021 to 2022 cholera season.

  5. African Parliamentarians Strongly Committed to Population and Development

    - Inter Press Service

    JOHANNESBURG, Jan 06 (IPS) - Many Ghanian Members of Parliament (MPs) champion adolescent reproductive health rights to stop the practice of child marriage, which is prevalent in some areas of the country even though the country’s Constitution and Children’s Act outlaw it, Dr Rashid Pelpuo (MP) told IPS in an exclusive interview.

  6. European Energy Crisis Hits Roma Populations Hard

    - Inter Press Service

    BRATISLAVA, Jan 05 (IPS) - As European households brace for energy shortages this winter and leaders draw up support packages to help people heat homes in the coming months, experts fear that the largest minority on the continent, the Roma, will be left behind.

  7. China: From Zero-Covid to Zero-Control

    - Inter Press Service

    BRUSSELS, Jan 04 (IPS) - Three years after the coronavirus first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the Chinese government began in December to abruptly scrap its harsh containment policy known as "zero-Covid."

  8. Africa's Maternal Deaths Need Urgent Action to Meet SDG Goals

    - Inter Press Service

    ACCRA, Jan 03 (IPS) - As the effects of COVID-19 on Africa’s health sector become clearer, it looks the continent will need to take urgent steps to overcome the disruptions suffered in the breakdown in antenatal and postnatal care for women and newborns and neonatal intensive care units. The pandemic brought some setbacks to the gains achieved in maternal mortality over the past decade.

  9. Living Another Year Dangerously

    - Inter Press Service

    SYDNEY, Jan 02 (IPS) - 2022 has been a year of great uncertainty when it seemed the world perilously reached the brink of self-destruction – be it human-induced climate change or military conflict. Welcoming 2022, we had enough reasons to be optimistic; but it was another ‘year of living dangerously’ – Tahun vivere pericoloso in the words of Soekarno, or an annus horribilis in the words of the late Queen Elizabeth.

  10. War, Famine, Disease, Disasters – 2022 – a Year Staring at Apocalypse

    - Inter Press Service

    TORONTO, Canada, Dec 23 (IPS) - A year that started with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is ending with famine in Africa, while still spreading death and misery through an enduring pandemic and a deteriorating climate crisis -- 2022 has been an apocalyptic warning of the frailty of our planet and the woeful shortcomings of humankind.

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