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  1. Syria: ‘Largest-ever number’ in need, warns UN relief chief

    - UN News

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    With a scorching summer fast approaching, food prices rising and access to water and electricity limited in many parts of Syria, donors must make good on $4.3 billion in humanitarian pledges committed at last week’s Brussels funding conference, the UN’s senior humanitarian official told the Security Council on Friday.

  2. Food insecurity threatens societies, exacerbates conflicts and ‘no country is immune’

    - UN News

    “When war is waged, people go hungry,” Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council on Thursday during a debate on conflict and food security chaired by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

  3. More than 59 million internally displaced in 2021

    - UN News

    A record 59.1 million people were displaced within their homelands last year, or four million more than in 2020, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Thursday, citing the latest Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID). 

  4. Mali’s withdrawal from G5 Sahel, Joint Force ‘a setback’ for the region

    - UN News

    Mali’s decision on 15 May to withdraw from the G5-Sahel group and its Joint Force is “unfortunate” and “regrettable”, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council on Wednesday, as she urged countries in the region to redouble efforts to protect human rights, amid protracted political and security crises. 

  5. UN envoy urges Iraqi politicians to ‘roll up sleeves’ and meet peoples' aspirations

    - UN News

    The top United Nations official in Iraq made an urgent appeal on Tuesday for the prompt formation of a new Government that meets the aspirations of that country’s people.

  6. Haiti: Armed violence reaches ‘unimaginable and intolerable levels’

    - UN News

    A surge in violence fuelled by heavily armed gangs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, prompted the UN rights chief on Tuesday to express her deep concern over its severe impact on human rights across the Caribbean nation.

  7. Lebanon elections: Guterres calls for ‘swift formation’ of inclusive Government

    - UN News

    The UN Secretary-General has called for Lebanon’s political leaders to swiftly form an inclusive government in the wake of parliamentary elections on Sunday, that can help the crisis-wracked nation implement reforms to put the country “on the path to recovery”.

  8. Ukraine: Support for war crimes investigations ‘of paramount importance’

    - UN News

    Investigators probing allegations of war crimes in the Ukraine conflict must work closely together and in compliance with international standards of forensic best practice, the UN expert on extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions said on Monday. 

  9. Return of commercial flights from Yemeni capital after 6 years, an ‘important’ step

    - UN News

    The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, on Monday welcomed the resumption of commercial flights from the capital city’s main airport after six years, as a potential game changer for citizens needing lifesaving medical treatment.

  10. Somalia: UN welcomes end of fairly contested presidential election, calls for unity

    - UN News

    The United Nations in Somalia welcomed the conclusion of the country’s presidential election held on Sunday, praising the “positive” nature of the electoral process and peaceful transfer of power.

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