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Partnerships and relations with other web sites and organizations

This site lists the major web sites and organizations I have been involved with in some way, as result of this web site. Partner

OneWorld.net1 was introduced to me by a friend some time in 1997 when it was quite new. It soon became a major source of global information for me, as it had content and partners from around the world, especially the developing world, allowing voices to be heard (or read) far more than was previously possible. I am very indebted to them for all their hard work and efforts. It was therefore even more of an honor to become a partner of theirs in August 1999. Affiliate

MediaChannel.org2 is another site I am proud to be associated with. The is a great site looking into media-related issues.

GlobalVision Media Partner

GlobalVision3 is a project spun off from, and I am a media partner of theirs. It just means that occasionally they may use my content and distribute it to content publishers around the world.

Institute for Economic Democracy

The Institute for Economic Democracy4 is a web site with a wealth of information and insight. I first came across this site in 1999 (I think), and found the site a bit hard to navigate and use, though a few articles seemed interesting. After suggesting some minor improvements to the site’s author and founder, J.W. Smith, I managed to read much more and was incredibly impressed with the work and information. For me, it had the depth and breadth that I typically could only by reading many other web sites.

As I read some books published by the Institute, I found myself citing them throughout my web site. I approached them again offering to help them with their web site as a means of gratitude and to give something back. I therefore helped set up http://www.ied.info5 and have maintained it since (or at least tried, given my lack of spare time!). With J.W. Smith’s fantastic suggestion, I helped convert his books into online formats which are free for all to download and read.

I occasionally share some research with J.W. Smith. I was also honored by J.W. Smith who asked me to write a foreword for an earlier edition of one of his books.

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Awards and recognitions

  • Top Site Designation - Changemakers.net6
  • Cool Site Designation - Open Directory Project7

    (This Open Directory award was given back in 1999 or 2000, and since then the listings in the OpenDirectory have changed and my site has been moved into other categories.)

  • 'Quality Universal Design' award from Access, December 20078
  • Golden Web Award 2003-20049
  • Golden Web Award 2002-200310
  • Golden Web Award 2001-200211
  • Forensic Nursing’s 2010 Top Human Rights Blog Award12

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I have also written a small number of articles for publications around the world, and appeared on some radio interviews.

I have even been honored by being asked to attend conferences, and even speak at one or two including to speak to kids in various schools. However, I have had to decline them, due to my full time work (this site is just a spare time endeavor) and/or the travel involved.

In 2005/2006 I wrote a book on Africa and international aid, but have not yet mentioned it on this site. Details will follow in due course. I have also been asked to contribute to other books, many of which I have not had time to help with. There is one other coming out soon, so when that comes out I will attempt to mention the previous book I have written at that time.

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Disclosure: I have nothing to gain by linking to these sites!

Readers may notice that I often link to articles, or passages from the Institute for Economic Democracy’s various books, or other articles from some of the above organizations. I have nothing to gain by doing so. Many such links were placed before I became a partner or developed any kind of relationship with them.

In short, my independence is strictly maintained and when I do link to resources from these organizations, it is because I truly wish to link to them as further information sources for you to follow if you wish. This is no different to how I add links to the thousands of other web sites and articles from within my text. I do not personally gain anything from those organizations by linking to those sites and sending visitors there.

As a result, when linking to these sites, I do not feel it is necessary to have some kind of disclosure sentence next to every single such link. It also detracts from the rest of the text, and I hope I have explained myself here, openly for anyone to know. Also, practically speaking, it would be hard for me to go back to all the various articles that mention these and retrofit such disclosure statements, especially when I had placed many such links before becoming a partner.

Please also note: I don’t belong to any political party or organization in any way. In addition, these partnerships and relationships (see above) do not require me to link to, or promote them in any way, and I strive to remain independent.

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