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This web site has numerous articles categorized into various issues. Some articles can of course be in more than one issue as many are inter-related:


  1. Poverty Facts and Stats
  2. Structural Adjustment—a Major Cause of Poverty
  3. Poverty Around The World
  4. Today, around 21,000 children died around the world
  5. Economic Democracy
  6. Causes of Hunger are related to Poverty
  7. Solving World Hunger Means Solving World Poverty
  8. Food Aid as Dumping
  9. Myth: More US aid will help the hungry
    1. High concentration on a few governments
    2. Aid—a lever to impose Structural Adjustment on Third World
    3. Food aid often does not target the hungry
    4. Food aid forestalls development
    5. U.S. contributes directly to armed conflicts around the world
    6. "Good" aid projects obscures an uglier reality
    7. Even most development assistance fails the poor and hungry
    8. The Iceberg
    9. How aid could benefit the hungry
    10. Notes and sources for “Myth: More US aid will help the hungry”
  10. World hunger related links for more information
  11. Corruption
  12. United Nations World Summit 2005
  13. IMF & World Bank Protests, Washington D.C.
  14. Poverty Links for More Information
  15. Causes of the Debt Crisis
  16. The Scale of the Debt Crisis
  17. The Heavily In-debt Poor Countries Initiative is Not Working
  18. Debt Cancellation and Public Pressure
  19. Debt and the Global Economic Crisis of 1997/98/99
  20. Debt and the Effect on Children
  21. Debt and the Environment
  22. How it all Began; Causes of the Debt Crisis
  23. A silent war; The devastating impact of debt on the poor
  24. The impact of the debt crisis on all of us
  25. New report reveals third world debt package failings
  26. Reality Check: the need for deeper debt cancellation
  27. A Primer on Neoliberalism
  28. Criticisms of Current Forms of Free Trade
  29. The WTO and Free Trade
  30. WTO Doha “Development” Trade Round Collapse, 2006
    1. WTO Meeting in Hong Kong, 2005
    2. WTO July 2004 Package of Framework Agreements
    3. WTO Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, 2003
    4. WTO Meeting in Doha, Qatar, 2001
  31. Deregulation or Protectionism?
  32. Some Regional Free Trade Agreements
  33. The Mainstream Media and Free Trade
  34. Public Protests Around The World
  35. WTO Protests in Seattle, 1999
  36. General Agreement on Trade in Services
  37. Multilateral Agreement on Investment
  38. The Rise of Corporations
  39. Corporations and Human Rights
  40. Pharmaceutical Corporations and Medical Research
  41. Pharmaceutical Corporations and AIDS
  42. Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens; Undermining Democracy
  43. Corporations and the Environment
  44. Corporate Social Responsibility
  45. Corporate Influence on Children
  46. Corporations and Worker’s Rights
  47. Influence at the World Trade Organization
  48. Corporate Power Facts and Stats
  49. Creating the Consumer
  50. Children as Consumers
  51. Effects of Consumerism
  52. Tobacco
  53. Obesity
  54. Sugar
  55. Beef
  56. Bananas
  57. Wasted Wealth, Capital, Labor and Resources
  58. Mathematics of Wasted Labor—an Example
  59. Consumption and Consumerism Links and Resources
  60. Sustainable Development Introduction
  61. Poverty and the Environment
  62. Non-governmental Organizations on Development Issues
  63. Foreign Aid for Development Assistance
    1. Official global foreign aid shortfall: $5 trillion
  64. G8 Summits: Empty promises each year
  65. G8 Summit 2007
  66. G8 Summit 2005—One Year On
  67. G8 Summit 2005
    1. G8 Summit 2005 Outcome
    2. G8 Summit 2005 Introduction
    3. $40 Billion Debt Write-off is Not a Historic Breakthrough
    4. G8 and Climate Change
    5. Mainstream Media Portrayal of G8 Summit and Buildup
    6. Live 8 and Protests
    7. Repeating Past Mistakes?
  68. Water and Development
  69. Brain Drain of Workers from Poor to Rich Countries
  70. World Summit on Sustainable Development
  71. United Nations on Development Issues
  72. Child Labor
  73. The Banana Trade War
  74. Trade, Economic Links For More Information
  75. The Arms Trade is Big Business
  76. World Military Spending
  77. Training Human Rights Violators
  78. Military Propaganda for Arms Sales
  79. Small Arms—they cause 90% of civilian casualties
  80. A Code of Conduct for Arms Sales
  81. Landmines
  82. Arms Trade Links for more information
  83. The US Nuclear Superpower
  84. North Korea and Nuclear Weapons
  85. India and Pakistan go Nuclear
  86. The US and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
  87. Militarization and Weaponization of Outer Space
  88. Star Wars; Phantom Menace or New Hope?
  89. Arms Control Links for More Information
  90. Conflicts in Africa—Introduction
  91. A Comparison With Kosovo
  92. The Democratic Republic of Congo
  93. Nigeria and Oil
  94. Sierra Leone
  95. Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea
  96. Rwanda
  97. AIDS in Africa
  98. Africa Links for more information
  99. Democracy
  100. Energy Security
  101. Illicit Drugs
  102. International Criminal Court: Introduction
  103. United States and the International Criminal Court
  104. Signing Up to the International Criminal Court by December 2002
  105. Establishing the International Criminal Court in 1998
  106. International Criminal Court: The Pinochet Case
  107. International Criminal Court Links
  108. Middle East: A 1300 Year Struggle for Control of Resources
    1. The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire
    2. Claiming the Spoils
    3. Making Enemies out of Friends
    4. The Waste of Wars
    5. Notes and sources for “Middle East: A 1300 Year Struggle for Control of Resources”
  109. Middle East and North Africa Unrest
  110. Crisis in Libya
  111. Control of Resources; Supporting Dictators, Rise of Terrorism
  112. Iran
  113. Iraq—2003 onwards; War, Aftermath and Post-Saddam
    1. Iraq - WikiLeaks - More Damaging Revelations for the US
    2. Iraq War Media Reporting, Journalism and Propaganda
    3. Aftermath and Rebuilding Iraq
    4. Iraq: Lack of Security and Deteriorating Conditions
    5. Justifying the Iraq War and WMDs
    6. Iraq War and Geopolitics
    7. Handover of Power to Iraqis
    8. Iraq Links for More Information
  114. US/UK Buildup for War on Iraq
    1. Iraq: The White House memo
    2. Building the Case for a New War on Iraq
  115. Iraq—Post 1991 Persian Gulf War/Sanctions
    1. Effects of Iraq Sanctions
    2. Iraq Weapons Inspections and Double Standards
    3. Iraq Was Being Bombed During 12 Years of Sanctions
    4. Iraq Crisis in 1998
    5. Iraq Bombing Effects on the Environment
    6. Iraq: Links to more information
  116. Palestine and Israel Introduction
  117. The Middle East conflict—a brief background
  118. Crisis in Lebanon, 2006
  119. Oslo Dead? Violence and Palestinian Uprising in 2000
    1. Mainstream media portrayal
    2. Criticisms of Arafat and Palestinian leadership
    3. Criticisms of Israeli leadership
    4. Criticisms of the US
    5. The role of the United Nations
  120. Palestine/Israel Links to more information
  121. The “Threat” of Islam
  122. The Strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan
  123. More Information on the Middle East
  124. War on Terror FAQs
    1. 45 Q & As: Intervention, Afghan and Iraq
      1. Intervention in General
      2. 9-11 and Afghanistan One Year Later
      3. Iraq on the Verge of War
    2. September 11th and Terrorism FAQ
      1. Who kills innocent people?
      2. Western support for terrorism
      3. Sabra and Shatila massacres—why do we ignore them?
      4. What laws were broken by invading Afghanistan?
      5. Libya and terrorism
      6. Iraq and weapons of mass destruction
      7. Bioterrorism—and how to prevent it
      8. An alternative view of east-west history
    3. 47 Questions and Answers on the War in Afghanistan
    4. Questions and Answers on September 11 And Its Aftermath
  125. Sept 11 Reaction and in Context
    1. War is Peace
    2. Solidarity against all forms of terrorism
    3. The Algebra of Infinite Justice
    4. Shocked and Horrified
    5. Muslims ask: Why do they hate us?
    6. Americans must now feel what the rest of us have known
    7. Chomsky: The World After Sept. 11
    8. Terrorism As Cannibalism
    9. Different Valuations of Life
    10. 11 Things to Remember on September 11
    11. Remembering the Nonviolent September 11
    12. 9/11 and Manipulation of the USA
    13. 100 years later: “Satyagraha”, Gandhi’s Non-violent Resistance Movement, September 11, 1906
  126. War on Terror Mainstream Media and Propaganda
    1. Here we go again
    2. New Slogan in Washington: Watch What You Say
    3. No To US-demanded Crackdown on Free Media
    4. Attempts to influence flow of news in Middle East
    5. The Media’s Battle Cry
    6. CNN of the Arab World
    7. War Needs Good Public Relations
    8. The War on Journalism
    9. Pushing the Media Right
    10. Where no news is good news
    11. The media missed the story in Afghanistan
    12. Are The Media Ready For A New War?
    13. Patriotism and Censorship
    14. Beyond Good and Evil
    15. Why does John Malkovich want to kill me?
    16. Bush team enlists Madison Avenue in war on terror
    17. Branding New and Improved Wars
    18. Muslim-as-Apple-Pie Videos Are Greeted With Skepticism
    19. Shredding the First Amendment
    20. Is Office of Strategic Influence Gone?
    21. Killed by friendly fire in US infowar
    22. Whatever Happened to Homeland Security?
    23. What the US papers don’t say
    24. The 'Prop-Agenda' At War
    25. Pentagon Rolls Out Stealth PR
    26. Hearts, Minds, and Dollars
    27. Blair Using Fear and Spin for War on Terror
    28. The Trouble with Bush’s “Islamofascism”
    29. Hijacking 9/11
    30. “Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?”
    31. “Fascism” Frame Set Up by Neocon Press
    32. As Others See U.S.—The “War on Terror”
    33. The Statistical Invisibility of Islamist 'Terrorism' in Europe
    34. Journalists Held in US Military Prisons
    35. What US Lobbyists Do for Dictators
  127. New War on Terror
    1. Why I Opposed the Resolution to Authorize Force
    2. Main aid agencies reject US air drops
    3. Folly of aid and bombs
    4. Bombing Will Not Make U.S. More Secure
    5. US attacks raise mixed feelings in Africa
    6. Killing Them Softly: Starvation and Dollar Bills For Afghan Kids
    7. Mr. Bush is abusing both the UN and international law
    8. This is Not a War on Terrorism
    9. The Empire Wants War, Not Justice
    10. This War is a Fraud
    11. Hypocrisy, hatred and the war on terror
    12. Unjustified means
    13. World Opinion Opposes the Attack on Afghanistan
    14. Mass Death of Civilians in Afghanistan
    15. Congratulations America
    16. Annotated State of The Union
    17. Thoughts About America
    18. Kill the Messenger
    19. Tech companies chase homeland security
    20. Buying Trouble: Your Grocery List Could Spark a Terror Probe
    21. The return to Afghanistan: Collateral damage
    22. Afghan massacre haunts Pentagon
    23. Why U.S. Intelligence Stumbled
    24. Afghanistan: Time of transition
    25. Top White House Anti-Terror Boss Resigns
    26. This War on Terrorism is Bogus
    27. Rumsfeld Doubts on Terror War
    28. Iranian Agent Warned U.S. of Impending al-Qaida Attack
    29. American Troops Killing and Abusing Afghans
    30. War Rules and Law Enforcement Rules in Terror War
    31. Gap Grows Between U.S., World Public Opinion
    32. Bush Terror War Suffers Body Blow in Spain
    33. Guantanamo: Maybe None of Them Are Terrorists
    34. Blix Says Iraq War May Have Worsened Terror Threat
    35. War on Terrorism Looks Like a Loser
    36. US plans to 'fight the net' revealed
    37. America’s War on the Web
    38. Thousands Wrongly on Terror List
  128. War on Terror: Crackdown on Civil Rights; War on Freedom
    1. Amnesty International: Human Rights Backlash
    2. U.S. Intensifies the War of Words
    3. America’s hyperreal war on terrorism
    4. Post-September 11 Corporate Stance
    5. Goodbye to Patriotism
    6. The Silence on Terrorism
    7. The New McCarthyism
    8. American Caesar
    9. Farewell Liberty
    10. Bush’s Aggressive Accounting
    11. Race War
    12. The War on Dissent Widens
    13. The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11
    14. FBI digs deeper into the Web
    15. Seven Points
    16. The War on Freedom and Democracy in the EU
    17. Overview of Changes to Legal Rights
    18. How I became a target for America’s zealots
    19. Washington’s Eye on the Internet
      1. Pentagon drops plan to curb Net anonymity
      2. Homeland Security’s tech effects
      3. Secret U.S. court OKs electronic spying
      4. Perspective: Say hello to Big Brother
    20. High treason in the U.S. government
    21. US Librarians See 'Big Brother' Monitoring
    22. Muted Response to Ashcroft’s Sneak Attack on Liberties
    23. Our Designated Killers, 'Where Is the Outrage?'
    24. Our voices are lost in the tide of intolerance sweeping America
    25. Broad Domestic Role Asked for C.I.A. and the Pentagon
    26. Amnesty International: No Shortcut to Genuine Security
    27. Asian Security Talks Risk Giving Green Light to Repression
    28. South African Anti-Terror Bill Draconian
    29. Rage. Mistrust. Hatred. Fear. Uncle Sam’s Enemies Within
    30. US Anti-war Activists Hit by Secret Airport Ban
    31. On the Record
    32. Army Admits Using JetBlue Data
    33. Congress Defunds Controversial 'Total Information' Program
    34. Federal Judge Rules Part of Patriot Act Unconstitutional
    35. Executive Power after 9-11 in the United States
    36. War on Terror or War on Liberties?
    37. War on Global Values
    38. India’s 'No' to 9-11 Legacy
    39. Homeland Security: The price of safety
      1. Throwing money at technology
      2. Companies profitting from fear
      3. Global assault on anonymity
    40. Republicans See Signs That Pentagon Is Evading Oversight
    41. Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?
    42. Judge Rules NSA Warrantless Spy Program Unconstitutional
    43. Pentagon is keeping secret tabs on peaceful protest activities
    44. Is Princeton Professor and Retired Marine on Government No-Fly List for Criticizing the White House?
    45. Corporate Takeover of US Intelligence
    46. US and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data
  129. US Military Commissions Act 2006—Unchecked Powers?
    1. “A Total Rollback Of Everything US Has Stood For”: Sen. Patrick Leahy
    2. Sayonara to Checks and Balances?
    3. Bush Offers Himself Amnesty for Human Rights Crimes
    4. US Military Commissions Act 2006—Turning Bad Policy Into Bad Law
    5. Groups Unanimously Assail New Detention Law
    6. US War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution
    7. President Bush Acknowledges Secret Prisons
    8. Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the “War on Terror”
    9. Detainee Memo Created Divide in White House
    10. Bush Administration seeks silence on CIA prisons
    11. War Crimes Suit Prepared against Rumsfeld
    12. Bush’s Torture Ban is Full of Loopholes
  130. 9/11 Investigation
    1. 9/11 Commission says US agencies slow its inquiry
    2. Who Knew? The unanswered questions of 9/11
    3. 9/11 Commission Could Subpoena Oval Office Files
    4. 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable
    5. Where Was the Air Force? The Real Question on 9-11
    6. Toothless Commission: Holes in the Investigation
    7. The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement—U.S. Media’s Dirty Little Secret
    8. Failures of the Sept 11 Commission
    9. Questions Persist Despite 9/11 Investigations
    10. What Price Unanimity?
    11. An Excuse-Spouting Bush Is Busted by 9/11 Report
    12. The 9/11 Report Misses the Point
    13. Ex-Feds Blast 9-11 Panel and Bush
  131. War on Terror Geopolitics
    1. Oil Politics in Central Asia
    2. Unintended Consequences
    3. Distortion, Deception, and Terrorism
    4. Why is there a War in Afghanistan?
    5. The Great Game
    6. Reaching the Parts Other Empires Could not Reach
    7. The Colder War
    8. Europe’s Cry That U.S. Won’t Consult
    9. The U.S. War on Terror and East Asia
    10. Axis Of Evil—in Washington
    11. Blair’s Britain Wants a Return to Age of Empire
    12. Diplomatic Impunity
    13. Why is America Hated in the Middle East
    14. New Crusade: The U.S. War on Terrorism
    15. Terror and Just Response
    16. Mourn on the Fourth of July
    17. Sweeping Military Aid Under the Anti-Terrorism Rug
    18. Bali and Imperialism
    19. New World Disorder: Arms Dealers Profit from War on Terror
    20. A New Pearl Harbor
    21. U.S. Cold War Propaganda in the Middle East
    22. U.S. military in Europe: The Pentagon’s Eastern obsession
    23. Harold Pinter—Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth & Politics
    24. War On Terrorism Leaves South Asia in Turmoil
    25. Gates Dealing with Blowback from His CIA Policies
  132. War on Terror: Civilization and Ideology
    1. Intolerant Liberalism
    2. Politics in the name of the Prophet
    3. Huntington’s spectre
    4. Challenging Ignorance on Islam: a Ten-Point Primer
    5. Changing History
    6. Jihad vs. McWorld
    7. Is It a War on Islam?
    8. 9/11 and the Sport of God
  133. Terrorism
    1. 13 Questions for George Bush
    2. Anatomy of a Victory: CIA’s Covert Afghan War
    3. Bin Laden Comes Home To Roost
    4. U.N. Terrorism Talks Favour Cooperation Over Retaliation
    5. The Real Muslim Extremists
    6. Backyard Terrorism; U.S. training terrorists for years
    7. Who are the Global Terrorists?
    8. Could the Taleban Have Helped the US Against al-Qaida?
    9. From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad
    10. Bush & the Media Cover up the Jihad Schoolbook Scandal
    11. Original 9/11 Plan Involved 10 Planes
    12. Spain: As Many as 12 Million Say 'No' to Terrorism
    13. Spain: Terrorism, Lies and Elections
    14. Fundamentalist Violence is Spreading
    15. How to Lose the War on Terror
    16. The New Face of Al Qaeda
    17. The London Blasts, July 2005
    18. Suspicious behaviour on the tube (London Underground)
    19. Former British Ambassador on Alleged UK Terror Plot
    20. Is There Still a Terrorist Threat?
    21. Five Years In, Bush Is Losing Terror War
    22. US Spy Agencies: Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat
    23. US report says Iraq fuels terror
    24. Mumbai: 9 is not 11 (and November is not September)
  134. Full List of Articles in War On Terror section
  135. War on Terror Links and Resources
  136. Military Expansion Serving Economic Objectives
  137. The Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive Strikes; A Global Pax Americana
  138. The Clinton Doctrine of Humanitarian Interventions
  139. A European Defense Force
  140. Dominance and Change in the Arctic
  141. Foreign Policy—National Interests
  142. Arms Race
  143. Power and Empire Links for More Information
  144. Backing up Globalization with Military Might
  145. Children, Conflicts and the Military
  146. Crisis in Chechnya
  147. The Need for NATO
  148. The Kosovo Crisis
    1. Mainstream Media Representation
    2. Did NATO really act out of Humanitarian Concerns?
    3. Violation of International Law
    4. Bombing has been opposite to the stated goals
    5. Effects of Bombing on the Environment
    6. Hasty Decisions
    7. Political Factors
    8. What is going on now?
    9. Links for more information
  149. Crisis in East Timor
    1. What Happened in East Timor?
    2. The Mainstream Media
    3. Indonesian Support of Paramilitaries
    4. US, UK and Other Support of Indonesia
    5. The Role of the UN
    6. A Comparison with Kosovo
    7. Links to More Information
  150. Human Rights In Various Regions
    1. The USA and Human Rights
    2. Indonesia and Human Rights
    3. Haiti
    4. Kurds and Human Rights
    5. Yugoslavia and Human Rights
    6. China and Human Rights
    7. Tunisia and Human Rights
    8. Israel and Human Rights
    9. Burma (officially known as Myanmar) and Human Rights
    10. Australia and Human Rights
    11. Cuba and Human Rights
    12. Europe and Human Rights
  151. The Internet and Human Rights
  152. Rights of the Child
  153. A Chronology of the Global Human Rights Struggle
  154. Human Rights Links for more Information
  155. Mainstream Media Introduction
  156. War, Propaganda and the Media
    1. Media, Propaganda and Iraq
    2. Media, Propaganda and September 11
    3. Media, Propaganda and Vietnam
    4. Media, Propaganda and Venezuela
    5. Media, Propaganda and Kosovo
    6. Media, Propaganda and Rwanda
    7. Media, Propaganda and East Timor
    8. Other Conflicts and Peacetime Propaganda
  157. Media Manipulation
  158. Corporate Influence in the Media
    1. Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership
    2. Media and Advertising
    3. Large, Corporate-Owned Media are “Free” Trade Proponents
    4. Some Examples of Corporate Influence in the Media
  159. Media in the United States
  160. Media Links for more Information
  161. Racism
    1. Immigration
    2. Racism Links for More Information
  162. Women’s Rights
  163. Rights of Indigenous People
  164. Why Is Biodiversity Important? Who Cares?
  165. Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions
  166. Climate Change Affects Biodiversity
  167. Coral Reefs
  168. Biosafety Protocol 1999
  169. Biosafety Protocol 2000
  170. Biodiversity Links for more Information
  171. Climate Change and Global Warming Introduction
  172. Global Dimming
  173. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  174. Reactions to Climate Change Negotiations and Action
  175. Global Warming, Spin and Media
  176. Climate Justice and Equity
  177. Climate Change Flexibility Mechanisms
  178. Carbon Sinks, Forests and Climate Change
  179. Global Warming and Population
  180. Action on climate change is cheaper than inaction
  181. COP20—Lima Climate Conference
  182. COP19—Warsaw Climate Conference
  183. COP18—Doha Climate Conference
  184. COP17—Durban Climate Conference
  185. COP16—Cancún Climate Conference
  186. COP15—Copenhagen Climate Conference
  187. COP14—Poznań Climate Conference
  188. COP13—Bali Climate Conference
  189. COP11—Montreal Climate Conference
  190. COP10—Buenos Aires Climate Conference
  191. COP8—Delhi Climate Conference
  192. COP7—Marrakesh Climate Conference
  193. COP6—The Hague Climate Conference
  194. COP4—Buenos Aires Climate Conference
  195. COP3—Kyoto Protocol Climate Conference
  196. The Ozone Layer and Climate Change
  197. El Niño and Climate Change
  198. Climate Change Links for more Information
  199. Populations: A Numbers Game
  200. Population and Feeding the World
    1. Land Rights
    2. Myth: Too Many Mouths to Feed
      1. Is population growth out of control?
      2. The demographic transition
      3. Does "Overpopulation" cause hunger?
      4. Poverty and population growth: lessons from our own past
      5. Good and bad fertility decline
      6. But we don’t have time
      7. Upping the ante
      8. China’s Solution?
      9. The challenge ahead
      10. Notes and sources for “Myth: Too Many Mouths to Feed”
    3. Links for More Information on Feeding the World
  201. Stress on the environment, society and resources?
  202. Other Issues Affect and Get Affected by Population
  203. Effects of Over-Consumption and Increasing Populations
  204. Gender and Population Issues
  205. Population Links for More Information
  206. Media and Natural Disasters
  207. Hurricane Katrina
  208. Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
  209. Third World Debt and Disaster Recovery
  210. Natural Disasters Links for More Information
  211. Nature and Animal Conservation
  212. Global Health Overview
  213. Diseases—Ignored Global Killers
  214. AIDS around the world
  215. Global Food Crisis 2008
  216. Food Aid
  217. Is GE Food Safe?
  218. "GE Technologies will solve world hunger"
  219. Food Patents—Stealing Indigenous Knowledge?
  220. GE Food Media Coverage
  221. Functional Foods—the next wave of GE foods
  222. Terminator Technology
  223. Monsanto—a major player in GE Technology
  224. Public Concerns and Protests on GE Food
  225. Genetically Engineered Food Links for more Information
  226. Global Issues Links
  227. Global Issues Favorite Quotes
  228. Global Financial Crisis
  229. The Gaza Crisis
  230. Health Care Around the World
  231. Military Aid
  232. Addressing Biodiversity Loss
  233. Health in the Media
  234. Pineapples
  235. Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis
  236. Cote d’Ivoire Crisis
  237. East Africa Food Crisis 2011
  238. Syria Unrest
  239. Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development
  240. Surveillance State: NSA Spying and more
  241. Ebola Outbreak in West Africa