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For more information about the issues surrounding the Kosovo crisis:

  • The Kosovo Crisis from ZNet1 provides a more diverse set of insights than the mainstream media has. This is a must check out site. Amongst many, many excellent articles, one that stands out is the Reflections on NATO and Kosovo2 by Stephen Shalom

  • Foreign Policy in Focus's Kosovo Crisis Page3.

  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting4 has some great insights into how media has been playing a role in this conflict.

  • On-line radio reports from Democracy Now5 include good quality Kosovo analysis. They also have more stuff in their archives6 which is worth going through.

  • The Transanational Foundation for Peace and Future Research7 have some excellent insights and views which are a must to check out. One very good pressinfo is about the information warfare in Kosovo8.

  • The Institute for Public Accuracy has some decent news releases9. At the time of writing this, the top stories are to do with Kosovo. You can also search their site from their home page10 for Kosovo and that will return the list of these news releases.

  • "Seeing Yugoslavia Through a Dark Glass: Politics, Media and the Ideology of Globalization11" by Dianna Johnstone provides a lot of historical background to the breakup of Yugoslavia.

  • The Emperors Clothes12 web site has numerous articles critical of NATO intervention.

  • OneWorld has a Dispatch13 on the Kosovo Crisis.

  • The Free Serbia14 web site is from a group of people in Serbia who have been struggling in the past decade for democracy and a better future through various political parties, nongovernmental organizations, student organizations and other means of political activity. They have a lot of news coverage of NATO bombing in Serbia. Just as we see many disturbing images of Mulsim Albanian refugees and some of the horrific killings, Free Serbia provides equally powerful images of civilian Serbs that have been killed by NATO bombs.

  • The Common Dreams web site has a section15 on the US/NATO attack and provides some very good links on their site to news reports and also a section called views.

  • The Center for Defense Information provides many resources16 on this conflict.

  • The Mother Jones web site has some great coverage of the Kosovo crisis17, as well as a section on alternative news18 reports.

  • The Jurist19, an academic network of law professors present a number of legal insights20 into the entire crisis. A particular article of note is entitled humanitarian hypocrisy21.

  • The United Nations has a section on Kosovo22.

  • The Free B9223 web site provides on-going coverage about what is happening in the Balkans.

  • The Institute for War & Peace Reporting has a section on the Balkans24 with regular updates on what is going on in Kosovo and Serbia now that the difficult task of rebuilding is at hand.

  • "Kosovo: The Propaganda War25", from the Institute for Communications Studies at Leeds University, UK, has some great resources on the media coverage during the Kosovo crisis.

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