Middle East: A 1300 Year Struggle for Control of Resources

With kind permission from J.W. Smith, a major part of Chapter 14 of The World's Wasted Wealth II (Institute for Economic Democracy1, 1994) has been reproduced here.

  • It is a vivid example of a continuing struggle over control of resources by various factions and power interests.
  • While the book was written back in 1994, due to the time line discussed, it is still relevant today.
  • Furthermore, it happens to also provide important context to events of recent weeks, months and years. (His latest book, Economic Democracy: Political Struggle of the 21st Century, (M.E. Sharpe, 2000) provides deeper and broader context of global economics and geopolitics which this chapter is just a part.)
  • Please note that I do not make any proceeds from the sale of this following book in any way.
  • Text is unchanged, but formatting has been applied to look similar to other pages within the globalissues.org web site. The excerpt starts below and has been split into multiple pages ending with the notes. The links to these additional pages are provided in the section navigation below.

The intended formation of one center of capital appears headed towards a struggle between the First and Third Worlds over Third World resources. Former President George Bush's "New World Order" would be an extension of past relations between societies and nations - specifically who will control resources, capital, and trade.See footnote 1 For thirteen hundred years Christians and Muslims have been locked into just such a battle.


  1. With the New World Order denying the Third World their rights, the only weapon these people will have is terrorism. It remains to be seen if U.S. patronage and military threat will be enough to force all governments to rein in those terrorists. Back to text

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