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This section has hardly covered the myriad of issues that this war has raised, and would no doubt prove hard to keep up with all the events. The following are just a small sample of web sites that provide further analysis, from media/propaganda analysis, to geopolitical analysis, news coverage, mainstream news, diverse news and views from around the world and more. Many of these web sites provide extensive links to other web sites too.

  • For media analysis and non-mainstream coverage, commentary and geopolitical analysis:
    • MediaLens1 provides a lot of media related analysis
    • Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting2 also provides a lot of media analysis and studies. For Iraq, see in particular:
      • Iraq and the Media3 includes analysis on the media regarding Iraq
      • Media Views4 includes links to media-related articles from around the web, and those from earlier in 2003 include more on Iraq
    • News Insider5 collates news from around the world
    • Truthout.org6 also collates mainstream news
    • AlterNet7 an alternative news site
    • ZNet8 provides a lot of analysis and commentary
    • oneworld.net9 provides links and articles from a number of organizations from around the world
    • Common Dreams10 provides a number of articles, analysis and commentary
    • Democracy Now!11 radio show provides a lot of analysis with archived radio shows all downloadable.
    • The Hoot12, and Indian magazine with media-related analysis.
    • Foreign Policy In Focus13 provides analysis of foreign policy issues.
    • YellowTimes.org14 provides analysis of many issues. Side NoteIn case you were wondering the "yellow" refers to yellow journalism. As they say on their site, "Today we live in an age of yellow journalism, where the mainstream media sensationalizes their content in order to increase circulation and increase profits."
    • Inter Press Service15 news agency has a section on the Middle East on their web site.
    • Institute for Public Accuracy16 has a section on the war analysis
    • The News Standard17 is an alternative news site
  • For just a small sample of mainstream outlets which all have more links to other sources
    • The Independent18 newspaper from UK has a section on the Middle East
    • Iraq and the Media19 from a UK newspaper, the Guardian and their MediaGuardian section provides many articles on the issue of media reporting, especially in light of the Iraq crisis of late.
    • BBC20
    • CNN21
    • Channel 422, a mainstream channel in the UK has a world news section that includes articles on Iraq.
  • From a human rights and relief work angle
    • Amnesty International23 have been sending out many alerts and updates
    • Human Rights Watch24 has also been sending out many alerts and updates
    • Oxfam25 web site provides many details about the situation.
    • International Red Cross26 has a special section about Iraq and the humanitarian response
    • ReliefWeb27 from the United Nations provides many updates and links to other UN sites.

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