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For more information on Fair Trade, Free Trade, Globalization etc. see

  • The Institute for Economic Democracy1 has some excellent research and in-depth analysis into the histories that have led to the current disparities between the developing nations and the developed nations. This is a must check out site!
  • OneWorld2 Guides to:
    • Fair Trade3
    • Trade4
    • TNCs5 (Transnational Corporations)
    • Globalization6
    • Consumerism7
    • Ethical Consumerism8
    • Development9
  • The Third World Network10 is, in their own words, "an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South issues." They have great sections on trade, the WTO, economics, development, human rights and so on, from a developing nation perspective. They are worth checking out.
  • Focus on the Global South11 aims to "consciously and consistently articulate, link and develop greater coherence between local community-based and national, regional and global paradigms of change. Focus on the Global South strives to create a distinct and cogent link between development at the grassroots and the "macro" levels." A site with many resources and publications from the perspectives of developing nations, written by many distinguished scholars and others from various Southern countries.
  • The World Development Movement12 provides many resources and articles on a number of issues related to poverty and trade.
  • The Study of Global Problems and the Culture of Captialism13 web site, by Richard H. Robbins of New York State University provides a vast source of readings and research on a number of topics.
  • Zmagazine, and their on line site, ZNet, has a section on the global economic crisis14 that discusses all manners of aspects on today's globalization. From the protests to the various issues at hand.
  • SUNS - South-North Development Monitor15 provides information and analysis on international development issues with particular focus on North-South and South-South negotiations.
  • Oxfam16 is a well known development, relief and campaign organization on various issues related to poverty, development, etc.
  • CorpWatch17 is an online organization aimed at researching18 about corporations and exposing any greed and unfairness. It is an excellent site with lots of information.
  • A UK-based organization also called Corporate Watch19 is worth checking out as well!
  • The Campaign for Labor Rights20 has tons of documents too! They have many many sections on various topics which are worth looking at.
  • McSpotlight21 is a very informative site. They focus on many large transnational corporations, (such as McDonald's and hence their name!) attempting to inform people of the various ways these TNCs are avoiding their responsibilities22. The information they present on many corporations (even people like the Body Shop23) is worth a read. It is a good place24 to find out about various corporations and how they operate.
  • Corporate Accountability Project25 has many links and a lot of information on the practices of various corporations.
  • Power and Accountability26 is an online book by Robert A.G. Monks and Nell Minow. (It was originally written in 1991).
  • These articles27 from FAIR28 (Fairness in Accuracy and Reporting) provides some useful analysis into media projection of various trade concerns and how some reports may be very biased.
  • These series of lectures29 provide some good insights into various aspects of our lives that contribute and are affected from (both positively and negatively) from globalization.
  • The Resource Center for the Americas30 provides a lot of information on various issues throughout the Americas, including trade related issues.
  • This Panos briefing31 on globalization is very thorough and provides detailed insights into many of the issues around globalization. The report is called "Globalization and Employment; New Opportunities and Real Threats".
  • Foreign Policy In Focus section on Trade32 provides many articles and in-depth essays to analyze the US foreign policy with respect to trade.
  • The political economy of war: an annotated bibliography33 by Le Billon, P. from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) provides a vast number of resources on the link between contemporary conflicts and economic related issues.
  • The ILO34 (International Labor Organization) is a UN body that is concerned with social justice in labor practices to ensure basic rights of people are maintained. Almost every single country in the world is a member of the ILO.
  • The Simultaneous Policy35 (SP) is, as they say "a new global politics of international community and consensus based on ... a lifestyle more compatible with Nature and human nature ... representing the recognition that sustainability can be achieved only with the co-operation and unity of all peoples. SP is a means through which individuals, political parties, nation states can make the vital transition from international competition to global co-operation within the existing framework of current world politics and international relations. By reconciling the current demands of international competition with the future target of the peaceful, economically, environmentally secure world we all desire. SP provides a practical way of achieving the consensus needed to reach that target. SP is a world policy consisting of a range of measures to be implemented by all nations simultaneously - by consensus."
  • The Citizen Portal on Corporations36 from France (with versions in English and Spanish as well as French) provides many articles and reference materials on corporations in a number of industries. A huge source of information.
  • The Citizens' Guide to Trade, Environment and Sustainability37 from Friends of the Earth gives an overview of the world trade system, the ideology, the impact on society, environment, etc.
  • The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1997 web site has a good introductory section on the issue of fair trade38.

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