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What's New September 1998

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September 29, 1998.

  • Canada got sued for trying to protect the health of its citizens -- thanks to NAFTA... Go There!
  • Some more information on the School of the Americas, that trains human rights violators in Latin America... Go There!
  • India and Pakistan announced that they will be signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty... Go There!

September 28, 1998.

  • Eight members of the UN try and urge the General Assembly to move towards nuclear disarmament... Go There!
  • There has been an increasing rise in xenophobia in Europe recently... Go There!
  • Gypsies are one of the forgotten victims of World War II -- still... Go There!
  • The structural adjustment policies and other IMF schemes may have been a major cause for the latest global financial and economic crisis... Go There!

September 18, 1998.

  • Zambia stands up to Coca Cola -- or you can see it as an exmaple of multinationals exercising their ability to easily move out of places which try to enforce some standards or equity... Go There!
  • What happens to children after a conflict has ended? Often, their reintegration into the same society where they may have been forced to fight and kill is very difficult, or non-existent... Go There!

September 17, 1998.

  • Scientists say that predicting the effects and the results of global warming will be difficult... Go There!
  • The International Energy Agency doubts that USA will comply with the Kyoto Protocol... Go There!

September 16, 1998.

  • There has been a fair bit of protest in Europe lately regarding GE crops. Although, in Brazil there may be a go ahead for transgenic soya crop to be produced... Go There!
  • A cool site with cameras near some waterholes in the South African Kruger National Park give new images every thirty seconds... Go There!
  • The Human Development Report show that the poorer nations of the Developing World have come a long way in the past 3 decades -- same as the industrialised world had achieved in a century! Go There!

September 10, 1998.

  • A link to more information on Human Rights. This set comes from the UN... Go There!
  • A new subtopic regarding Poverty looks at some United Nations reports and claims... Go There!
  • An excellent report from the United Nations Development Programme on Human Development, 1998 comments on how vast the disparities are and possible steps in a hope to resolve these issues. Go There!
  • A new link to more information on Poverty. This one is UNICEF's Progress of Nations, 1998... Go There!
  • Another link to more information on Poverty. This is also from the UN and is the set of Human Development Reports, which range from 1990 uptil the present date... Go There!
  • The US Immigration service holds detainees in jail, even though they have committed no crime, Human Rights Watch reports... Go There!
  • Scientists in UK say that GE food is safe -- although long term effects are still unknown... Go There!
  • Rare Tigers, endangered leopards, deer are all being traded illegally, still... Go There!
  • A quote on the fortunes of the fortunate! Go There!
  • Another quote on nobility! Go There!

September 7, 1998.

  • Even in parts of Africa as in USA, people are forming a negative sterotype of Muslims and unfairly implying that a Muslim means a terrorist... Go There!
  • Schools are big business in USA... Go There!
  • NAFTA, the MAI's predecessor gives us an idea of the horrors a ratified MAI agreement would mean for normal citizens and the environment... Go There!
  • People are disgruntled at the IMF's "misguided" HIPC initiative to attempt to help the poorest of nations tackle the burden of debt... Go There!
  • The ozone layer appears to be thinning a bit earlier than expected... Go There!

September 2, 1998.

  • What happened to the overwhelming proof that justified cruise missile attacks on a factory which some have claimed couldn't possibly make chemical weapons?... Go There!
  • A new link to further information on Biodiversity... Go There!
  • A new ozone-destroying chemical has recently been discovered... Go There!
  • China has enforced a ban on logging in a hope to prevent a similar flooding disaster that has affected so many... Go There!
  • Are the British getting conned by the new labelling agreements on GE food? Go There!
  • A new link to further information on Genetically Engineered Food... Go There!

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