News headlines in March 2010

  1. NIGER: Livestock Herders Plan Ahead

    The cows Djibo Hama looks after belong to someone else, but he is diligent. Anticipating a severe shortage of good grazing in 2010, he secured cattle feed for the 35 that remain.

  2. AUSTRALIA: Questions Persist about Troops in East Timor

    The Australian Defence Force (ADF) may have reduced its numbers in East Timor as that country’s stability improves, but the controversy created by its troops’ behaviour continues to raise questions about their sensitivity to the political situation there.

  3. U.S.: Obama Approves New Coastal Oil Drilling

    U.S. President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday his administration's plan to expand the areas off the U.S. coast which will be eligible for oil and natural gas drilling, as environmental groups condemned the plan as damaging to the oceans and coastal ecosystems.

  4. HAITI: Donors Pledge 15 Billion Dollars in Aid

    Eleven weeks after an earthquake killed over two percent of its population and flattened its capital city, Haiti is looking towards a long and complex rebuilding process.

  5. POLITICS: U.N. Panel Rejects Request to Reopen Bhutto Probe

    A three-member U.N. commission, which has been investigating the 2007 assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, has flatly rejected a request to reopen the inquiry.

  6. KENYA: Primary Education Under the Gun

    The children are afraid. There are armed bandits hiding with stolen animals in the thickets behind Nawoyaregae Primary School in Kaputir Location.

  7. HEALTH: Seeking Funding to Fight Neglected Diseases

    Experts from around the world are trying to attract attention to deadly but little-known illnesses, such as Chagas disease, visceral leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness, that have been neglected by the pharmaceutical industry.

  8. HONDURAS: Deadliest Month Ever for Reporters

    Reporters in Honduras have long complained about gag laws, threats, exile and attacks. But never before have so many journalists been killed in one month.

  9. BULGARIA: Inhuman Life Sentences Replace Death Penalty

    The death penalty was outlawed in Bulgaria in 1998. But restrictive legislation on conditional release, and the overcrowding and precariousness of the Bulgarian prison system makes life hardly livable for some lifers.

  10. EGYPT: Death Sentences Rise With Poverty

    Egyptian courts are handing down death sentences with 'alarming frequency' as the state attempts to use capital punishment to stem rising crime rates.