News headlines in September 2010

  1. SRI LANKA: Tamil Youth Rediscover Life beyond the Battle-scarred North

    The younger ones in the group tried to imitate the older boys, in their teens and early 20s, who wear the latest fashion promoted by Hindi and South Indian movie stars — faded denim jeans, tight T-shirts, and oversized belts hanging nonchalantly around their slim waists. Alongside them, the handful of women wore brightly coloured ‘shalwar kamiz’ (traditional South Asian dress) that fluttered in the wind.

  2. Q&A: The President 'Is Going to Pay for What He's Done'

    'We're not letting him (President Rafael Correa) leave, and he's going to pay for what he's done to the police.'

  3. ECUADOR: Police Mutiny Threatens Democracy

    With the backing of large crowds of supporters in the streets and of statements from presidents throughout Latin America, the Ecuadorian government of Rafael Correa is attempting to quell a riot by hundreds of police protesting a cut in their benefits which has thrown the country into chaos.

  4. US-PAKISTAN: Rise in Cross-Border Attacks Spurs Backlash

    The steady increase in U.S. cross-border attacks from Afghanistan into the frontier areas of Pakistan — whether by drone missiles or attack helicopters — is causing a serious backlash from both the region's residents and Islamabad's government and military leadership.

  5. Geoengineering May Represent Earth's Best 'Plan B'

    Beyond Copenhagen and Cancún, a different climate debate has been brewing. The outcome of this debate, however, will affect far more than the climate, and that is precisely why it is so contentious.

  6. AFRICA: Customary Law Still Bars Women's Access to Land

    Regina Namukasa has been twice dispossessed — first when her husband died and his clan left her out when dividing up his estate, and again when she was denied a share in her father's land. But this time she's fighting back.

  7. PERU: Centre-Left Candidate Surges Ahead in Lima Mayoral Contest

    Centre-left candidate Susana Villarán has unexpectedly surged ahead of her centre-right rival Lourdes Flores in the polls to become the front-runner in the race for Sunday's elections for mayor in the Peruvian capital.

  8. Retraining Rwanda's Traditional Birth Attendants

    Two years spent training traditional birth attendants in remote rural areas has allowed Rwanda to reduce the country's maternal mortality rate, says the country's health department.

  9. G20 Summit Cracks Open Door to Five Non-Members

    The G20, a group of powerful political and economic decision- makers criticised for its exclusivity, has invited five non- members to its next summit meeting in South Korea in November.

  10. RIGHTS: U.S. in the Hot Seat for Universal Periodic Review

    Every year since 1976 the United States has unilaterally passed judgement, through the State Department, on the human rights situation in some 190 countries. The 5,000-page reports sent to Congress each March regularly rouses angry responses from some of the nations assessed.