News headlines in June 2011

  1. Undisclosed Beheading at Heart of Indonesian, Saudi Row

    Indonesia, which has an estimated 1.2 million emigrants in Saudi Arabia, is deeply troubled that Saudi Arabia beheaded one of its citizens in a death penalty sentence without even contacting the government in Jakarta.

  2. GREECE: Public Outrage over Austerity Plan

    The mass protests in Greece swelled by the hour as parliament voted this Thursday to implement the social and economic adjustment plan approved Wednesday, including measures for privatisation, tax hikes, spending cuts and mass lay-offs in the state sector.

  3. COLOMBIA: 'Impunity' — Keeping the 'Black Hand' Anonymous

    The film 'Impunity' has only just now arrived in Colombia, although the filming was completed a year ago and it was first shown to the public in Geneva in January. But the wait was apparently worth it because the documentary contributes key elements to the heated debate on the so-called 'black hand' behind many of the atrocities committed in this South American country.

  4. SUDAN: The Point of No Return

    From across the border, they anxiously watch the drama unfold. As their home land of South Sudan prepares itself to split from the Islamic north, fighting continues across the disputed oil-rich areas. During the decades of civil war, almost 400,000 refugees dreamt of the day independence would come. But now it is finally there, many are not ready to go home.

  5. ZIMBABWE: 'Blood Diamonds' Slip Through Watchdog's Cracks

    Following a recent procedural breakdown of one of the world's leading 'blood diamond' watchdogs, experts warn that controversial stones from the Marange fields of Zimbabwe may soon find their way into the hands of unknowing consumers.

  6. LEBANON: Indictments Issued in Hariri Death Probe

    A United Nations-backed court has handed down indictments requesting the arrest of four members of the Shia movement Hezbollah in connection with the 2005 killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, according to media reports.

  7. U.N. Women's Agency Being 'Strangled at Birth'

    When the United Nations inaugurated a landmark special agency for women last January, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon set an initial target of 500 million dollars as the proposed annual budget for the new gender-empowered body.

  8. DEVELOPMENT: Partners, Not Donors Needed For Africa

    On an unusually hot Belgian afternoon, Thoko Kaime, leans back in his chair and explains how ‘township’ actually means ‘slum’ in his home country of Malawi.

  9. U.S.: Public Workers Fight to Preserve Pensions

    Municipal workers across the United States are fighting to preserve their pensions amidst a concerted campaign by corporate interests coupled with budget shortfalls facing all urban areas in the current recession.

  10. PERU: Indigenous Women Weave New Community Ties

    Fuchsia, green and turquoise yarn shuttles swiftly across the wooden loom Dora Huancahuari has learned to use. Together with other craftswomen, she has started a small weaving business which is helping to rebuild their lives in this remote, poverty-stricken Andean community torn by Peru's history of armed conflict.