News headlines in August 2011

  1. COLOMBIA: Risky Games Against National Peace Meeting

    One of Colombia's most popular national radio stations broadcast the wiretapped telephone conversations of a leader of a regional movement of displaced persons, David Martínez, misreporting that the voices heard were those of 'guerrilla ringleaders'.

  2. Obama Challenged to Stand Up to Big Oil Lobby

    The United States' biggest environmental groups put aside their differences last week to make an urgent intervention on the country's addiction to oil. The first step on the long road to recovery, they say, is to stop the proposed construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that will 'mainline' the world's dirtiest oil from northern Canada into the U.S. heartland.

  3. Executed for Being Gay

    Five nations still outlaw homosexuality and carry out executions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, according to a recent report by the U.S. group Human Rights First.

  4. Afghan Security Faces Long-Term Challenges

    U.S.-led efforts to build Afghan security forces capable of preventing Taliban resurgence face a series of challenges, from the reluctance of southern Pashtuns to serve in a national army, to maintaining the billions of dollars in infrastructure and equipment provided by the U.S. and other foreign countries over the past decade.

  5. Tribunal Concealed Evidence Al-Qaeda Cell Killed Hariri

    In focusing entirely on the alleged links between four Hezbollah activists and the 2005 bombing that killed Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the indictment issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon earlier this month has continued the practice of the U.N investigation before it of refusing to acknowledge the much stronger evidence that an Al-Qaeda cell was responsible for the assassination.

  6. MEXICO: Women Inmates Share Prison Conditions with Their Children

    María S. lays her infant son down on one of the cold concrete slabs of her cell in the central penitentiary of Santa María Ixcotel, in the metropolitan area of this city in southwestern Mexico.

  7. CUBA: Swim at Your Own Risk

    They get ready for the jump, a spectacular airborne pirouette follows and then a stream of saltwater spray rounds off the plunge. Dozens of youngsters, mainly boys, cool off from the summer heat with daring dives from the sea wall lining the Malecón, the Cuban capital's famous seaside avenue.

  8. TRADE-NAMIBIA: No Progress on Access to European Markets

    Weariness surrounds the negotiations on an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) regulating trade access between Southern Africa and the European Union (EU).

  9. EUROPE: Some Rich Want to get a Little Less Richer

    In the face of the severe sovereign debt crisis in most industrialised countries, some extremely rich people are urging governments to increase taxes on wealth.

  10. ISRAEL: Children Facing Deportation Find Friends

    After Israel’s Interior Ministry attempted to deport the first migrant workers’ child educated in the Israeli school system, human rights groups are calling on the Israeli government to develop a clear immigration policy and an official protocol that will minimise the psychological impact of detaining and deporting young children.