News headlines in April 2013

  1. Women Forge a Space for Themselves in Latin American Labour Movement

    CARACAS, Apr 30 (IPS) - Misogyny is the word on the lips of women trade unionists in Latin America when asked what they have had to fight against to win spaces in the leadership bodies of labour unions in the region.

  2. WTO, Dubious Prize for a Latin American?

    GENEVA, Apr 30 (IPS) - The complicated challenge of invigorating the debilitated World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the multilateral trade system that it governs will fall, for the next four years and for the first time ever, to a Latin American.

  3. In U.S.-Mexico Relations, a Shift from Security to Economy

    WASHINGTON, Apr 30 (IPS) - Ahead of President Barack Obama's trip to Mexico and Costa Rica, experts here are expecting that security will take a back seat to issues of economic cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico.

  4. Aiming to Conserve Energy, Antigua Turns to Its Residents

    ST. JOHN'S, Antigua, Apr 30 (IPS) - In drought-plagued Antigua, where water and energy top the list of most precious resources, one campaign is encouraging islanders to conserve both of these commodities.

  5. Q&A: Schools Need “Transliteracy”

    BRASILIA, Apr 30 (IPS) - A new social contract is needed in education, that would fully incorporate informatics and the 21st century conception of human rights, French professor Divina Frau-Meigs says in this interview with IPS.

  6. Unearthing Trinidad's Carib Ancestry

    PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Apr 30 (IPS) - Ricardo Bharath-Hernandez, like most citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, has probably lost count of the millions of dollars being spent to renovate the Greek revival style "Red House" that serves as the parliament building in the oil-rich twin island republic.

  7. Opinions Deeply Divided Over Fracking in Argentina

    BUENOS AIRES, Apr 30 (IPS) - The enthusiasm of the government and oil and gas companies over Argentina's unconventional fuel potential has come up against fierce opposition from communities living near the country's shale gas reserves and environmental organisations.

  8. Monetising Human Waste and 101 (Slightly) Crazy Other Ideas

    UXBRIDGE, Canada, Apr 30 (IPS) - One, two or more of the 102 newly launched out-of-the box ideas to improve global health could be world-changing breakthroughs.

  9. Bolivian Entrepreneur Helps Quinoa Shine in U.S.

    LA PAZ, Apr 30 (IPS) - Ana Chipana, from Bolivia, did not like eating quinoa when she was a girl. But this grain-like crop native to the Andes was her ticket to becoming a successful entrepreneur who has visited NASA and the United Nations.

  10. Some Hear Death Knell for a Two-State Solution

    WASHINGTON, Apr 30 (IPS) - Despite indications that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is committing a substantial amount of time and effort to revive the long-stalled Israel-Palestinian "peace process", a growing number of experts believe a two-state solution is no longer viable and the lack of a realistic discussion of the issue in the United States is leaving the country without an alternative policy.