News headlines in 2015

  1. Syria ­- A Light to the World

    BELFAST, Dec 31 (IPS) - In November 2015 I visited Syria together with an International Peace delegation. This was my third visit to Syria in the last three years. As on previous occasions I was moved by the spirit of resilience and courage of the people of Syria.

  2. Disunity, the Hallmark of European Union Foreign Policy

    ROME, Dec 31 (IPS) - The appalling crisis ravaging the Middle East and striking terror around the world is a clear challenge to the West, but responses are uncoordinated. This is due on the one hand to divergent analyses of the situation, and on the other to conflicting interests.

  3. Cuba Needs a Law Against Gender Violence

    HAVANA, Dec 31 (IPS) - Activists and researchers dedicated to the study of gender violence in Cuba insist on the need for a comprehensive law to protect the victims and prevent the problem, which was publicly ignored until only a few years ago in this socialist Caribbean island nation.

  4. Kitchen Gardens are Victory Gardens in Boosting Nutrition and Incomes in Western Kenya

    BUSIA, Kenya, Dec 30 (IPS) - Busia County in western Kenya is home to an array of indigenous vegetables. But for decades there has been a shift in popular taste leading to leading to little interest in what is indigenously grown. This relegated the vegetables to the periphery with most farmers cultivating kale and cabbages among other more exotic varieties.

  5. Women Inmates Sow Hope in Prisons in El Salvador

    IZALCO, El Salvador, Dec 29 (IPS) - Doris Zabala squats down in the field to pull up radishes. She is working on a prison farm in El Salvador, where more and more penitentiaries are incorporating agricultural work and other activities to keep prisoners busy.

  6. Foreign Direct Investment: Myths and realities

    GENEVA, Dec 29 (IPS) - Foreign direct investment (FDI) is perhaps one of the most ambiguous and the least understood concepts in international economics. Common debate on FDI is confounded by several myths regarding its nature and impact on capital accumulation, technological progress, industrialization and growth in emerging and developing economies.

  7. Insecurity in Dominican Countryside Threatens Local Food Supply

    MATA MAMÓN, Dominican Republic, Dec 28 (IPS) - "Sometimes we have too much water, which washes everything away," Cecilia Joseph, originally from Haiti, said in heavily accented Spanish while pulling up a ñame root (a kind of yam) on her farm in the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte in the Dominican Republic.

  8. The Power of the Pen

    LONDON, Dec 25 (IPS) - "How would you like it if you were just expressing your feelings and someone just put you in jail?" This is how an eight-year-old American schoolchild asked King Salman of Saudi Arabia not to flog imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi.

  9. French firm attacks Ugandan tax using ISDS

    KAMPALA, Dec 25 (IPS) - The heavily criticized legal mechanism, known as ISDS, is an important tool for European companies to pressurize developing countries. This year Uganda joins the rank of developing nations asking themselves: "Why have we ever signed this?"

  10. Mexican Government Ignores Social Impact of Energy Projects

    MEXICO CITY, Dec 23 (IPS) - Mexico's hydrocarbons law stipulates that oil contracts must include a social impact assessment. But this has not been done in the case of the oilfields granted to the country's former oil monopoly, Pemex, or to private companies since the industry was opened up to private investment.