News headlines in May 2019, page 2

  1. US Threats to Dismantle Palestinian Refugee Agency Trigger Protests

    UNITED NATIONS, May 28 (IPS) - As it relentlessly pursues its strongly pro-Israeli policy – along with its disdain for multilateralism – the Trump administration continued to display its hostility towards the United Nations and its humanitarian agencies at a meeting of the UN Security Council focusing on the recent escalation of violence in Gaza.

  2. Zimbabwe’s Resettled Farmers Hawking Cigarettes to Survive

    MARONDERA, Zimbabwe, May 28 (IPS) - For subsistence farmer Rogers Hove, who proudly brandishes a worn out letter for his five hectare piece of land he obtained from government following the chaotic land seizures from white commercial farmers over two decades ago, what matters to him, "is to see my piece of land in my possession".

  3. Educating Girls about Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene

    May 28 (IPS) - Ida Horner is the Chairperson of Let Them Help Themselves

    The organisers of Menstrual Hygiene Day say that although there has been a lot of good work on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) either currently underway or already completed, we are a long way off from achieving an even playing field for girls and women worldwide.

  4. Realistic & Fair Immigration: A Policy to Unite Denmark

    COPENHAGEN, May 27 (IPS) - Mette Frederiksen is a Danish Social Democrat politician. She has been a member of the Folketing, the parliament of Denmark, since 2001, and served in Helle Thorning-Schmidt's government as Minister of Employment from 2011 to 2014.

    Immigration policy has divided the people of Denmark for many years. There are few other areas where the fronts are drawn so divisively and where arguments become attacks.

    Maybe this is understandable? Immigration policy plays an important part when it comes to defining the country we want to be. There are deeply held emotions at stake. And more and more people are experiencing for themselves what happens when integration fails.

  5. Within a Parallel Universe – Monsters of the Dark Web

    STOCKHOLM / ROME, May 27 (IPS) - Human existence includes dreams, thoughts, ideas, music, stories, religion, and other immaterial "things". They constitute an important part of our habitati.e. the dwelling place of any living organism, consisting of both organic and inorganic surroundings. I learned this when I many years ago found myself among the undulating heights of Cordillera Centralwhich rise diagonally across the island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

  6. The Time is Now: End Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

    UNITED NATIONS, May 27 (IPS) - It's time to end sexual and gender-based violence once and for all, participants of a two-day conference said.

  7. Modernity Triumphs over Feudalism in India

    NEW DELHI, May 25 (IPS) - "We worked for the poor and they voted us back to power," was the explanation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made to newly-elected legislators on Saturday, May 25, on the spectacular win scored by his nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India's just concluded general elections.

  8. The World Made Promises to Women and Girls, We Must Fulfil Them

    NAIROBI, Kenya, May 24 (IPS) - Ambassador Monica Juma is the Cabinet Secretary (Minister), of Kenya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1994 the International Conference and Population and Development (ICPD) was hosted in Cairo by the Government of Egypt. Twenty-five years later, Kenya is ready to convene the ICPD "Nairobi Summit" in November 2019.

  9. Report Reveals Mounting Pressure on Zambia’s Environmental Resources

    LUSAKA, May 24 (IPS) - Irene Lungu Chipili is Manager, Corporate Affairs at the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).

    There is a strong link between provision of basic social services and the use of natural resources in a country. Thus, with increased population comes additional pressure on natural resources. This is a key finding in the latest Zambia Environment Outlook (ZEO) Report 4, published by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).

  10. Class Analyst: Global Income Inequality

    WASHINGTON DC, May 24 (IPS) - CHRIS WELLISZ is on the staff of Finance & Development published by the International Monetary Fund*

    As a child growing up in Communist Yugoslavia, Branko Milanovic witnessed the protests of 1968, when students occupied the campus of the University of Belgrade and hoisted banners reading "Down with the Red bourgeoisie!"