News headlines in August 2022

  1. Afghanistan: What Went Wrong?

    - Inter Press Service

    A story from Inter Press Service, an international news agency

    GENEVA, Aug 19 (IPS) - After the horrendous tragedies of 9/11 in the year 2001, the US intervened in Afghanistan. Promising statements such as "we are going to smoke them out" and "we are after ending terrorism" received warm receptions.

  2. Aid workers saving lives in the face of danger: World Humanitarian Day

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    On World Humanitarian Day, marked annually on 19 August, aid workers Ahmad Alragheb, based in Syria, and Veronica Houser, stationed in Afghanistan, talk about the crucial humanitarian effort in these countries, and the challenges they and their colleagues face.

  3. First Person: Helping Afghan women to heal

    - UN News

    Najiba*, a mother, counsellor, and former university lecturer, helps women heal from trauma in Afghanistan. Despite threats and restrictions on her freedom to move, she continues to enable women to learn and heal.

  4. Of Aristotle, Orwell, and the Young Heirs

    - Inter Press Service

    MADRID, Aug 18 (IPS) - A couple of decades ago in Athens, a conversation over a ‘souvlaki’ and wine dinner with a young Greek economist led to talking about democracy. Asked for his opinion, he said “By then, when philosophers like Aristotle formulated their theories about democracy, the society was dominated by the rich.”

  5. Israel urged to allow humanitarians to continue working in Palestine

    - UN News

    Allow human rights and humanitarian organizations to continue their work in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), UN agencies and other partners have urged Israel.

  6. Chinese Fleet Threatens Latin America's Fish Stocks

    - Inter Press Service

    CARACAS, Aug 18 (IPS) - Illegal and excessive fishing, mainly attributed to Chinese fleets, remains a threat to marine resources in the eastern Pacific and southwest Atlantic, as well as to that sector of the economy in Latin American countries bathed by either ocean.

  7. WHO expert group recommends second COVID-19 booster for vulnerable groups

    - UN News

    Countries should consider giving a second COVID-19 vaccine booster to older persons, pregnant women, health workers, people with weaker immune systems and those at higher risk of severe disease, experts appointed by the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday. 

  8. Grain deal ‘victory for diplomacy,’ UN chief tells journalists in Ukraine

    - UN News

    Positive momentum on the landmark Black Sea Grain Initiative to help vulnerable people access food reflects “a victory for diplomacy” for those caught in a cost-of-living crisis as well as for Ukraine’s hard-working farmers, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told reporters on Thursday in Lviv, Ukraine.

  9. Yes, Africa’s Informal Sector Has Problems, But the Answer Isn’t to Marginalise It

    - Inter Press Service

    Aug 18 (IPS) - African leaders are increasingly aspiring to “modernise” their cities. That is to make them “globally competitive” and “smart”. The hope is to strategically position cities in Africa to drive the continent’s much-needed socio-economic transformation.

  10. COVID-19: Scientists Warn That It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

    - Inter Press Service

    Johannesburg, Aug 18 (IPS) - After two years of economic and social upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries, including South Africa, have lifted the tough protocols such as lockdowns, the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing.

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