News headlines in June 2023

  1. Water Harvesting Boosts Agriculture in Brazil's Semiarid Northeast

    - Inter Press Service

    "The rainwater tanks are the best invention in the world for us," said Maria de Lourdes Feitosa, 46, who recalls the deadly droughts of the past in Brazil's semiarid Northeast region.

  2. Land Beneficiaries Lament Worsening Poverty in Resettled Areas

    - Inter Press Service

    BLANTYRE, Jun 30 (IPS) - Located between two heavily-deforested mountains, Nakadanga Trust in Machinga District in southern Malawi looks lifeless.

  3. Celebrity Chefs Enlisted to Put Climate-Hardy Millets Back on the Menu

    - Inter Press Service

    ROME, Jun 30 (IPS) - Get yourself a nice big pot full of water, dice some onions and throw in the meat of your fancy, followed by chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, dried okra powder, garden eggs and chilli peppers.

  4. Gender-Based Violence: Why Victims Do Not Leave

    - Inter Press Service

    WINDHOEK, Namibia, Jun 30 (IPS) - In almost every conversation I’ve had about gender-based violence (GBV), the question “why don’t they leave?” inevitably comes up.

    After many years of working in this space, I have learned that the answer is not as simple as we think. The nature of GBV is quite complex. Numerous layers and factors affect individuals both internally and externally.

  5. UN deputy chief praises China’s investment in tackling climate change, forging ‘new development pathway’

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    The Deputy Secretary-General addressed students at China’s Peking University on Friday, describing their diligence and energy as critical to helping tackle the world’s challenges through multilateral action.

  6. Pride Month: UN’s transgender rights campaign goes global

    - UN News

    A razor, nail polish, and beads are part of an innovative pilot project, launched by UNAIDS in India to raise awareness about gender identity during childhood, that is now unrolling across the world, as communities celebrate Pride Month, commemorated globally in June.

  7. Time to end gender-based violence, boost role of women in politics, public life

    - UN News

    Immense strides have been made in the quest for gender equality, but major barriers thrown up by the patriarchal system must be dismantled so women can play a fuller role in politics and public life, the UN human rights chief Volker Türk told the UN Human Rights Council on Friday.

  8. Myanmar: Military’s obstruction of humanitarian aid could be international crime

    - UN News

    Myanmar’s military is killing civilians, destroying food and homes, and keeping the most vulnerable from receiving lifesaving aid, according to a new report from the UN human rights office (OHCHR).

  9. UN Security Council terminates Mali peacekeeping mission

    - UN News

    The Security Council on Friday unanimously approved the complete withdrawal of UN peacekeeping forces in Mali, although it will take six months for the final “blue helmets” to depart.

  10. Eastern DR Congo: Health system at breaking point warns WHO

    - UN News

    Increased violence, natural disasters and disease outbreaks have fueled a deteriorating health situation in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a senior official with the World Health Organization warned on Friday.

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