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  1. Lebanese Financial Crisis Validates Importance of Abolishing ‘Kafala’

    KESERWAN, Lebanon, Jul 10 (IPS) - They were promised the world but ended up in a Lebanese household. This is the story of many domestic workers in Lebanon. With a 70-year-old sponsor system still in place, domestic workers are tied to their employers with little or no basic rights. The ‘Kafala' system is the major problem behind what we have been seeing in Beirut in the last months.

  2. We Arabs Ask No Favors.....

    GENEVA, Jun 04 (IPS) - In these difficult times for the Palestinian people and for justice, the Government of Israel is proposing to add further to the turmoil by unilaterally absorbing large swathes of the Palestinian West Bank of the Jordan River. It might therefore be fitting to remind the world of the chronology of the events leading up to the creation of the State of Israel in May 1948.

  3. Enforced Disappearances, Arbitrary Detentions, Hate Speech & Attacks on Civilians - ICC Report on Libya

    UNITED NATIONS, May 06 (IPS) - The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday highlighted crimes against humanity and grave mismanagement of the law in Libya during a release of their latest report on the North African nation. 

  4. The Gaza Strip and COVID-19: Preparing for the Worst

    GAZA CITY/JERUSALEM/BRUSSELS, Apr 02 (IPS) - The coronavirus is now present in Gaza, the populous Palestinian enclave blockaded by air, land and sea since 2007. An epidemic would be calamitous. Hamas should tighten public health measures; Israel should loosen restrictions so that medical supplies can enter and afflicted Palestinians can leave.

  5. Coronavirus Worsens Yemen’s Long Tale of Woe

    SANA’A, Yemen, Mar 26 (IPS) - Abdul Mohammed is a humanitarian worker for Oxfam Yemen In every room in Yemen's Al-Saba'een hospital, patients in critical condition waited on chairs, and still others laid on the bare ground. I saw women and girls sharing beds in pairs, and children laying close together being treated.

  6. What’s Needed for Real Changes for Women in Lebanese Politics?

    KESERWAN, Lebanon, Mar 02 (IPS) - Women were at the forefront of Lebanon's 2019 ‘October Revolution'. Beyond the iconic images of their participation, it seems that by women linking equity in politics to the broader issues of mismanagement of corruption paid off - although activists say there is a long road ahead.

  7. A Multi-Billion Dollar US Mideast Arms Market May be in Jeopardy

    UNITED NATIONS, Feb 17 (IPS) - When President Saddam Hussein ran one of the world's most authoritarian regimes in the militarily-volatile Middle East during 1979-2003, US newspapers routinely described him as "the strongman of Iraq" — as most journalists rightly view dictators worldwide.

  8. US Mideast Peace Plan: from a Paper Pharaoh & a Fake Moses

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Feb 03 (IPS) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu was slapped corruption charges last week while he was hobnobbing with US President Donald Trump in Washington. Bibi has, apparently, done his homework in psychology. He knew the quickest way to get around Trump was to flatter him.

  9. US Mideast Peace Plan: Israelis Offered the Cheese & Palestinians the Holes

    UNITED NATIONS, Jan 30 (IPS) - The Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem has described the much-ballyhooed US Middle East peace plan as "more like Swiss cheese-- with the cheese being offered to the Israelis and the holes to the Palestinians".

  10. US-Iran Confrontation & Implications for India

    NEW DELHI, Jan 27 (IPS) - The unease in the relations between the US and Iran have been in the international news for around a month now. Both sides have not shied away from using outright methods of warfare like the use of ballistic missiles and assassinations, along with attempts at economic and diplomatic sanctions.

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