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  1. The Lebanese Disaster

    STOCKHOLM / ROME, Oct 07 (IPS) - The 26th of September, the Lebanese prime minister Mustapha Adib stepped down after less than a month on his post. The president, Michael Auon, stated: "Lebanon will be going to Hell if a new government is not formed soon." The question is if his nation is not there already. A horrifying image of the state of the nation was provided on the 4th of August when 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, stored in a dockside hangar, blew up in an explosion killing more than 190 people, injuring 6,500 and damaging thousands of buildings.

  2. A Feminist Perspective from Middle East & North Africa on the COVID-19 Pandemic

    BERLIN, Oct 02 (IPS) - Since before the COVID-19 pandemic, feminists across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been increasingly shedding light on the global shifts that will shape the Future of Work. From their perspective, those shifts would mainly be driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the impact of climate change and the looming global care crisis.

  3. Water Security in Jordan is Crucial to Maintaining Stability in the Country

    AMMAN, Jordan, Oct 01 (IPS) - Jordan is one of the driest countries in the world, raking the fifth most water-stressed nation in an analysis by the World Resources Institute.

  4. Peace in the Middle East

    ROME, Sep 25 (IPS) - The creation of a Palestinian State remains a pipe-dream

    After the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI, The League of Nations mandated that Britain administer Palestine. The London administration was quite ineffective, in part, due to the contradictory promises which were made to the Arabs, to the Zionists and to France, the other colonial power which divided the territory with Britain.

  5. Syria’s Children Remain at Immense Threat of Rape and Recruitment by Army: Report

    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 16 (IPS) - Children in Syria are facing the brutal brunt of the ongoing civil war in the country, now rendered further paralysed owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and United States sanctions.

    At the Sept. 15 launch of the report investigating human rights violations in Syria by the Commission of Inquiry on Syria, experts warned that in addition to the already ongoing conflict, "newer forms of violence" was on the rise.

  6. The Exploitative System that Traps Nigerian Women as Slaves in Lebanon

    LAGOS, Nigeria, Sep 14 (IPS) - "I need help, right now I cannot walk properly," trafficking victim Nkiru Obasi pleaded from her hospital bed in a video she posted online.

    The young Nigerian woman had been injured in the Aug. 4 Beirut blast, which ripped through the Lebanese capital, killing 190 people injuring a further 6,500 and damaging 40 percent of the city. However, it's not her injuries keeping her in Lebanon but a restrictive and abusive system of migrants laws.

  7. Nepal Welcomes Qatar Labour Reform

    KATHMANDU, Aug 31 (IPS) - Even as Nepali workers stranded overseas face confusion and uncertainty during the Covid-19 crisis, labour reforms in Qatar – including an increase in the minimum wage announced in Doha on Sunday — may have lasting implications for migrants there.

  8. The Abraham Accord: Will it Bring Peace or Perpetuate Pain in Palestine?

    SINGAPORE, Aug 24 (IPS) - There is not much good news for President Donald Trump of the United States these days.

    If electoral polls have any credibility, he is staring at the face of almost certain defeat in the elections come November. So, when the so-called Abraham Accord between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was sealed in a telephone call between him and the leaders of Israel and the UAE, signalling a sliver of silver lining in the otherwise hovering dark clouds over him, Trump was ecstatic.

    A Trump twitter called it a "HUGE breakthrough among "three GREAT friends!".

  9. The Beirut Blast: An Accident in Name Only

    Aug 13 (IPS) - The catastrophic explosion in Beirut's port is a manifestation of the Lebanese political elite's predation and dysfunction. Among the country's long-suffering citizens, shock is quickly yielding to fury. It may be the last chance for those in power to effect long-overdue structural reforms.

  10. Impending Food Crisis in Lebanon will Affect Migrant Workers

    UNITED NATIONS, Aug 12 (IPS) - Migrant workers and refugees in Lebanon will "inevitably" suffer the most as food insecurity threatens the nation following last week's blast.

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