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  1. Guterres condemns attack on Abu Dhabi airport and oil facility

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    The Secretary-General condemned on Monday the attacks on Abu Dhabi’s International Airport and the nearby Musaffah industrial area, which reportedly caused several civilian casualties and have been claimed by the Yemen-based Houthi rebel group, formally known as Ansar Allah. 

  2. Concrete action essential to fulfill Darfur promise: ICC Prosecutor

    - UN News

    Nearly 20 years after the UN Security Council referred the Darfur situation in Sudan to the International Criminal Court (ICC), victims and survivors of atrocities are still seeking justice and accountability, Prosecutor Karim Khan told ambassadors on Tuesday. 

  3. Ominous History in Real Time: Where We Are Now in the USA

    - Inter Press Service

    SAN FRANCISCO, USA, Jan 17 (IPS) - The final big legislative achievement of 2021 was a bill authorizing $768 billion in military spending for the next fiscal year. President Biden signed it two days after the Christmas holiday glorifying the Prince of Peace.

  4. Horrors of Hiroshima, a reminder nuclear weapons remain global threat

    - UN News

    Despite the annihilation of two major Japanese cities in 1945, atomic bombs have not been relegated to the pages of history books, but continue to be developed today – with increasingly more power to destroy than they had when unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in 1945.  

  5. Child and woman injured following rocket attack in Iraq

    - UN News

    “A child being hurt is a child too many”, said the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Iraq on Friday, following a rocket attack against a school in Baghdad the previous night, which left a child and woman injured.

  6. Tigray: Aid operations ‘about to grind to a halt’, warns WFP

    - UN News

    Aid and food distribution operations in northern Ethiopia are about “to grind to a halt” amid ongoing fighting, bloodshed and a lack of funding that is making humanitarian access impossible, the UN World Food Programme, WFP, said on Friday.

  7. On Nuclear Weapons, Actions Belie Reassuring Words

    - Inter Press Service

    WASHINGTON DC, Jan 13 (IPS) - On Jan. 3, the leaders of the five nuclear-armed members of the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) issued a rare joint statement on preventing nuclear war in which they affirmed, for the first time, the 1985 Reagan-Gorbachev maxim that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.”

  8. Colombia: Children still ‘used and abused’ despite historic peace accord

    - UN News

    Despite a steady decrease in grave violations against children in Colombia since the signing of the 2016 Peace Agreement between the Government and FARC rebels, youngsters there continue to suffer from the impact of hostilities, according to a new UN report published on Wednesday.

  9. Yemen: ‘Political will, responsible leadership' needed, to end 7-year war

    - UN News

    Seven years into the war in Yemen, UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg reaffirmed to the Security Council on Wednesday that no long-term solution can be found on the battlefield, urging the warring parties to “talk, even if they are not ready to put down their arms”.

  10. At least four children killed during escalation of conflict in Myanmar

    - UN News

    At least four children have been killed and multiple others have been maimed during an escalation of conflict over the past week in Myanmar, said the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Tuesday. 

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