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  1. Modern Obstetrics and Midwives Need to Join Forces

    María dos Prazeres de Souza has lost count of the number of births 'without a single death' she has attended as a midwife, an occupation that there is renewed interest in strengthening in traditional communities in Brazil where state services are not available or are not entirely acceptable for cultural reasons.

  2. KYRGYZSTAN: Justice Elusive for Kidnapped Brides

    Even though she was kidnapped, pressured into marrying a man from a nearby village, and then abandoned without means to sustain herself and the couple's two young children, Totugul can't rely on Kyrgyzstan's courts for help.

  3. Journalists and Netizens in Govt Crosshairs

    Two years ago, Ashkan Delanvar was arrested by Iranian authorities and held in poor conditions for 14 days before he was sentenced to 10 months in prison.

  4. Spreading Climate Literacy in Cuba

    Local communities can play a key role in adaptation to climate change if they are helped to properly understand the problem and take it on board. 'Climate literacy is needed,' says Ángela Corvea, a long-time Cuban environmental activist.

  5. Powerful Latin American Media Chose Not to Publish WikiLeaks Cables

    According to a book published in the Argentine capital, major Latin American newspapers with access to the secret cables obtained by Wikileaks decided not to print them because doing so would run counter to their own interests.

  6. COLOMBIA: Missing French Reporter’s Journalistic Mission

    Romeo Langlois, a French reporter in Colombia, removed his helmet and bullet-proof vest and ran towards the guerrillas during fighting between them and Colombian army troops on Saturday, Defence Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón reported.

  7. First School for Transvestites Opens in Buenos Aires

    With 35 students, the first secondary school specifically for transvestites and other members of sexual minorities who face discrimination in mainstream schools opened in March in the Argentine capital.

  8. Seedbed of Technology Flourishes in Guatemala

    'We're making a three-dimensional educational video game. The idea is to create virtual worlds where children can explore and interact with other people and objects,' said Carlos Villagrán, seated at a computer in the Campus Tecnológico in the Guatemalan capital.

  9. Nazi Propaganda Gets a Makeover in Serbia

    As the May 6 date for Serbia’s general election inches closer, two young Belgrade playwrights have capitalised on the electoral war of words between the pro-European camp and conservative nationalists to highlight the dark side of propaganda and expose the omnipotence of party membership.

  10. Vietnam Clamps Down on Bloggers

    A pioneer of citizens’ journalism in Vietnam is risking 20 years in jail for defending Internet freedom and exposing the draconian censorship laws in this communist party-ruled country.

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