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  1. Combating Corruption to Address the Triple Planetary Crises

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Dec 07 (IPS) - The triple planetary crisis of climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and pollution is a threat to the well-being and survival of millions of people around the world. Corruption, in its many forms, worsens these multiple crises.

  2. Revolutionizing the Building Sector for Sustainable, Resilient Cities

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 06 (IPS) - In the spirit of global cooperation and environmental commitment, COP 28 launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming the building and construction sectors. Titled ‘Buildings and Construction for Sustainable Cities: New Key Partnerships for Decarbonization, Adaptation, and Resilience,’ the initiative marks a turning point in addressing the environmental challenges posed by the construction industry.

  3. Global Civil Society Launches Manifesto for Ethical AI

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW DELHI, India, Dec 06 (IPS) - We, a global coalition of over 50 civil society and human rights organizations from over 30 countries have co-developed the "Civil Society Manifesto for Ethical AI", a groundbreaking initiative aiming to steer AI policies towards safeguarding rights and deconolonising AI discourse. We question, and we are not the only ones: whose voices, ideas and values matter in AI ?

  4. Beware Carbon Myopia at COP28: Why Climate and Nature Action Must Now Come Together in the Race for a Liveable Planet

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Dec 6 2023 (IPS) - As COP28 delegates focus on the first Global Stocktake, there is no doubt that the race to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is vital.

  5. Art and Climate Change

    - Inter Press Service

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec 06 (IPS) - A dark cloud is hovering above human existence. It is a fairly illusory cloud haunting our minds and wellbeing, but also an actual, menacing, mostly invisible cloud that covers the Earth’s entire atmosphere. Saturated by greenhouse gases, this global threat increases with every year, threatening all life on Earth, causing increased flooding, extreme heat, draught, wild fires, rising sea levels, food and water scarcity, as well as diseases and mounting economic loss. This misery, caused by human greed, thoughtlessness, and self-aggrandizement, trigger human migration and armed conflicts.

  6. COP28 is about action, not politics and point scoring, says UN climate chief

    - UN News

    UN climate chief Simon Stiell said on Wednesday that COP28 delegates are not in Dubai to “score points” and play at “lowest-denominator politics”; they must take ambitious action on curbing global warming and ending the climate crisis.

  7. Emerging Climate Finance Infrastructure to Match Africa's Green Bankable Solutions

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 06 (IPS) - Although long profiled as the face of climate change, a high-risk continent with a pipeline of unbankable green projects, there are areas where Africa is leading the world. The 1987 accidental discovery of the first deposit of natural hydrogen during a water drilling campaign in Bourakebougou village, Mali, is today proving that Africa can export viable green solutions.

  8. Electrifying Cooking: Decarbonizing Africa's Electricity Grid Towards Net Zero

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 05 (IPS) - Across the African continent, many first-born children in poor and vulnerable households do not go to school as they spend their school days collecting biomass fuel. The regional average of the amount of time spent collecting firewood is 2.1 hours, robbing women and girls in particular of hundreds of hours in a year and crippling their capacities to engage in learning and productive activities.

  9. Role of Women Irreplaceable in Management of Natural Resources

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 05 (IPS) - Women bear the brunt of the climate crisis, and inclusion at both the highest level and in the community is key to mitigating its impact. Today, the announcement of the COP28 Gender Responsive Just Transitions and Climate Action Partnership put women at the centre of climate solutions—with a collective endorsement that symbolized a paradigm shift in global commitment.

  10. The Climate Crisis is an Education Crisis

    - Inter Press Service

    London/New York, Dec 05 (IPS) - “The one international language the world understands” wrote Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save the Children, “is the cry of a child,” and the evidence is accumulating that children are not only the innocent victims of conflict whose pleas need to be heard, but also the most vulnerable victims of climate change.

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