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  1. Bringing Clean Water On Tap To Rural Villages In Polynesian Island Nation Of Tuvalu

    CANBERRA, Nov 18 (IPS) - Rural communities on one of the nine islands that make up the Polynesian nation of Tuvalu are anticipating how life will change when they are connected to piped clean water for the first time.

  2. Eswatini makes Progress on NDCs thanks to Crucial Partnership Support

    MBABANE, Nov 17 (IPS) - Barry de Maine, the director of Green Cross Pharmacy, lost about $ 7,675 worth of stock when The Mall, the largest shopping centre in Mbabane, was flooded back in 2003. But when the flash floods hit again this year, he had already installed a flange to stop water from coming in.

    “This is the best I could do under the circumstances,” De Maine told IPS, adding: “Otherwise since we started experiencing floods at The Mall (17 years ago) nothing has been done.”

  3. Secretive Mega-Trade Deal Rules Could Harm Asia’s Covid-19 Recovery

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Nov 13 (IPS) - Fifteen countries will sign a mega-trade deal at the ASEAN conference this weekend imposing secretive restrictions on how governments help workers through the pandemic, trade union leaders and parliamentarians have warned.

  4. Global Summit of Development Banks Fails to Learn from Destructive Past

    MANILA, Nov 13 (IPS) - Development banks have repeatedly looked the other way and been complicit in the human rights violations of corporations and governments they work with. They support activities where armed forces push forward large infrastructure and extractives projects on traditional lands without the participation and consent of Indigenous Peoples.

    This week, 450 public development banks from around the world met for the Finance in Common Summit at the Paris Peace Forum. They gathered to discuss how they can direct their combined investments of over USD 2 trillion - 10% of total investments in the world - "to support the transformation or the global economy" and "build new forms of prosperity that take care of people and the planet."

  5. Vietnam Takes the Lead on Indo-Pacific Economic Integration

    PERTH, Australia, Nov 12 (IPS) - This was the year that Vietnam was poised to make progress on its rise as a regional leader. Under the auspices of Vietnam's ASEAN chairmanship, a breakthrough in global trade has been achieved despite rising protectionism and a global pandemic.

  6. Despite Conflict and COVID-19, Children Still Dream to Continue Their Education in Afghanistan

    LONDON, Nov 12 (IPS) - As if four decades of war were not enough, then came the pandemic.

    For each of the past five years, Afghanistan has been identified by the United Nations as the world's deadliest country for children and, despite progress made in peace talks between the government and the Taliban, child and youth casualties from the ongoing conflict continue to mount in 2020.

  7. Is Development for the World Bank Mainly Doing Business?

    SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 10 (IPS) - The World Bank has finally given up defending its controversial, but influential Doing Business Report (DBR). In August, the Bank "paused" publication of the DBR due to a "number of irregularities" after its much criticized ranking system was exposed as fraudulent.

  8. Q&A: How Desert Dust Storms Supply Vital Nutrients to the Oceans

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 09 (IPS) - When sand and dust storms (SDS) rage in the Sahara Desert, more than 10,000 km away in the Caribbean Sea the very same storms have a range of effects on the 1,360 species of shorefish that populate the waters there.

  9. From Paraguay to Italy: Development at All Costs

    BRUSSELS, Nov 09 (IPS) - I am speaking with Gladys and Raúl about civic space in Paraguay, when Raúl suddenly tells me about the fires. Thick smoke has reached the capital Asunción where he is based. In October, Paraguay became Dante's Inferno.

  10. Driving Climate Change from the Top in the Dominican Republic

    SANTO DOMINGO, Nov 02 (IPS) - When President Luis Abinader arrived at his inauguration in an electrically driven car as a symbolic gesture of his Government's intentions to make sustainable development one of its main objectives – he signalled the start of addressing climate change commitments in the country.

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