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  1. In New U.S. 'Bioeconomy', Industry Trumps Environment

    The White House on Thursday announced the formulation of the National Bioeconomy Blueprint, aimed at shoring up the U.S. commitment to bioscience-related research.

  2. Mexican Seeds, the New Spoils for Food Corporations

    Biodiversity and small and medium farms are threatened in Mexico by the looming approval of a reform of the law on plant varieties that will extend patent rights over seeds, activists and experts warn.

  3. Mexico’s Corn Festivals — a Haven from Transgenic Crops

    Catalina Salvador, an 87-year-old peasant farmer who grows pumpkins, beans, and above all corn on her small plot of land, was one of the opponents of transgenic crops who took part in the traditional corn festival in San Juan Ixtenco in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala.

  4. Argentina Responds to Climate Challenge with Transgenic Seeds

    Researchers in Argentina have isolated a sunflower gene and implanted it into corn, wheat and soybean seeds to make them more resistant to drought and soil salinity, problems increasingly faced by this South American agricultural powerhouse as a result of global warming.

  5. ARGENTINA: Poison from the Sky

    Argentina's soy boom has been a major source of foreign exchange. But the other side of the coin is the toxic effects among the rural population, from spraying agrochemicals.

  6. MEXICO: Transgenic Cotton Harbours Hidden Dangers

    Wild cotton in Mexico has been contaminated with genetically modified material, posing a risk to biodiversity, experts say.

  7. BRAZIL: Homegrown GM Bean Won't Fight Hunger, Critics Say

    Critics complain that a genetically modified bean developed in Brazil, resistant to one of the country's most damaging agricultural pests, was approved without enough debate or guarantees that the crop will not affect human health or the environment.

  8. U.S.: Battle Escalates Against Genetically Modified Crops

    Home to a fast-growing network of farmers' markets, cooperatives and organic farms, but also the breeding ground for mammoth for-profit corporations that now hold patents to over 50 percent of the world's seeds, the United States is weathering a battle between Big Agro and a ripening movement for food justice and security.

  9. Concerns Loom over Implications of Enhancement Technology

    Imagine a class of 24 children, three of whom take performance enhancing medicines that increase their chances of scoring high on standardized tests. Now quadruple that number, with one half of the pupils popping pills and the other pushing their pencils med free.

  10. MEXICO: Traditional Maize Can Cope with Climate Change

    Maize, Mexico's staple food as well as a symbol, has the potential to adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects without any need for genetically modified seeds, according to agricultural scientists.

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