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  1. Why the UN COP28 Climate Talks Must Serve Farmers to Achieve a Just Transition

    - Inter Press Service

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    DUBAI, Dec 05 (IPS) - Food and agriculture is a top agenda item at UNFCCC COP28as the world considers how to tackle the climate impacts of what we eat and how we produce it. The stage has been set for COP28 to be a “food COP”, but for commitments to translate to action, it must also be a “farmers’ COP”.

  2. Pacific Leaders Announce Largest Conservation Effort in History

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 04 (IPS) - Pacific people live at the nexus of oceans, climate, and food systems, and the interaction of climate and ocean is raising sea temperatures and threatening habitats and resources vital to the region’s sustenance, Palau’s President Surangel Whipps, Jr., said at the launch of an effort to protect and rejuvenate the region's ecosystems and empower communities through to the year 2050—in what is considered to be the biggest single conservation effort in history—Unlocking Blue Pacific Prosperity.

  3. Human Rights Crucial as Wealthy Nations Reap Energy Transition Benefits

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 03 (IPS) - As the world converges for COP 28, the urgency of addressing climate change has never been more palpable. In an exclusive interview with IPS, Yamide Dagnet, the Director for Climate Justice at Open Society Foundations, delves into the intricate details of this pivotal conference—from the unprecedented start to key challenges and opportunities in climate finance. She offers a comprehensive and nuanced perspective on global climate discourse.

  4. Why Agroecology Should Be Considered as Key for Climate Negotiations

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 02 (IPS) - Students of St Denis Libolina Primary have used agroecology farming techniques to transform the entire school garden and any free space into food forests and gardens for different vegetable varieties, legumes, and herbs.

  5. Hearts and Minds: We Need to Understand the Critical Role of Human, Social, and Institutional Leadership to Achieve the Goals of the 2015 Paris Agreements

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Dec 01 (IPS) - The main challenge for addressing climate change a decade ago was how to develop low-cost, low-carbon solutions such as wind or solar power. Since that hurdle has been cleared, we now need to focus on social dimensions to deploying solutions quickly and at large-scale.

  6. Harnessing Data to Advocate for Safer Roads UN Support for Sustainable Financing

    - Inter Press Service

    GENEVA, Dec 01 (IPS) - Nneka Henry is Head of UN Road Safety Fund and Dudley Tarlton is UNDP Programme Specialist-Health and DevelopmentEven as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic it will still face an epidemic on its roads, claiming over one million lives and injuring up to 50 million people annually. Against this head-spinning backdrop, making decisions that allow us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal target of a 50% reduction in road deaths can feel like walking blindfolded.

  7. Restoring Indigenous Trees: New Mission to Combat Climate Change in Rwanda

    - Inter Press Service

    KIGALI, Dec 01 (IPS) - With the ongoing national tree-planting campaign, Rwanda seeks to replace its degraded forest resulting from charcoal production and firewood and increase the need for construction materials with new indigenous trees to combat climate change.

  8. Salvadoran Rural Communities Face Climate Injustice

    - Inter Press Service

    TECOLUCA, El Salvador, Nov 30 (IPS) - For farmers in the valleys below the 15 de Septiembre hydroelectric plant in central El Salvador, the rains bring floods. Now that the rains are more unpredictable, the loss of crops and disruption of fishing are even more devastating as they deal with erratic climate-change-induced flooding.

    For decades, poor fishing and farming communities in southern El Salvador have paid the price for the electricity generated by one of the country's five dams, as constant and sometimes extreme rains cause the reservoir to release water that ends up flooding the low-lying area where the families live.

  9. This Doctor Helps Himalayan Women Ward off Cervical Cancer

    - Inter Press Service

    LADAKH, INDIA, Nov 29 (IPS) - While working as a doctor in the initial months of his medical career in southern India, a telephone call from his home in the Ladakh Himalayas convinced Nordan Otzer to involve himself with cervical cancer awareness.

  10. Suicides, Another Face of the Crisis in Venezuela

    - Inter Press Service

    CARACAS, Nov 28 (IPS) - In the wee hours of one morning in early November, Ernesto, 50, swallowed several glasses of a cocktail of drugs and alcohol in the apartment where he lived alone in the Venezuelan capital, ending a life tormented by declining health and lack of resources to cope as he would have liked.

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