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  1. UN Meets on Effective Responses to Loss and Damage Ahead of COP28

    - Inter Press Service

    NAIROBI, Sep 22 (IPS) - African countries are increasingly in the eye of deadly climate-induced disasters. Recent devastating extreme events include intense shattering earthquakes in Morocco, followed shortly by catastrophic floods in Libya this September that left 11,300 people dead, according to Libya’s Red Crescent.

  2. Reality is Governments Not Truly Held Accountable to Implement SDGs

    - Inter Press Service

    KATHMANDU, Nepal, Sep 22 (IPS) - What does transformative and sweeping really mean in the overarching efforts to achieve the Agenda 2030?

    With the conclusion of the second edition of the SDG Summit, it is time for stocktaking on what was agreed at the United Nations HQ in New York this week. At the core of the Summit were not the several Leaders’ Dialogues that, as important as it can be to have heads of state and government reflecting on the Agenda, are just talking shops without any practical implications.

  3. Shun path of confrontation and work together for the SDGs, urges Bangladesh leader

    - UN News

    The Prime Minister of Bangladesh on Friday appealed to world leaders gathered at the UN “to shun the path of war and confrontation, and to work collectively for enduring peace ... and economic prosperity for our people and future generations.”

  4. World must pass ‘AI stress test’, UK Deputy PM says, announcing summit

    - UN News

    The United Kingdom will be holding a summit on artificial intelligence (AI) so that nations can come together to “understand it, govern it, harness its potential and contain its risks”, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden told the UN General Assembly on Friday.

  5. Haitian Prime Minister calls for urgent deployment of multinational force to quash gang violence

    - UN News

    Addressing the UN General Assembly on Friday, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry again appealed for international support to combat rampant gang violence – one element of the multi-dimensional crisis affecting his country.

  6. We can’t keep putting the interest of the few before the lives of many, Mia Mottley says at UN

    - UN News

    “Are we going to be too late for the SDGs?” Mia Mottley asked world leaders at the UN General Assembly on Friday, challenging them to “summon the determination to make the fundamental governance changes” that will turn the vision of sustainable development for all into a 21st century reality.

  7. UN calls for ‘clear-eyed’ vision for peace and security, as peacebuilders meet in New York

    - UN News

    Following the UN chief’s appeal this week for a fresh approach to global peace and security, UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) countries convened on Friday to discuss the best way forward.

  8. At critical moment for peacekeeping in Africa, Ghana steps up to host key summit

    - UN News

    The UN and Ghana jointly announced on Friday that December’s UN Peacekeeping Ministerial meeting will be hosted in Accra, at a time when some African nations are questioning the value of having ‘blue helmets’ on their soil.

  9. ‘The world cannot afford Cold War 2.0,’ Pakistan leader tells UN Assembly

    - UN News

    As tensions between global powers continue to escalate with the rise of new and old military and political blocs, “geo-politics is resurging when geo-economics should be at the top of the international agenda, the Prime Minister of Pakistan told the UN General Assembly on Friday.

  10. Human rights experts: Humanity facing ‘unprecedented global toxic emergency’

    - UN News

    The consequences of poor chemicals and waste management worldwide are fuelling an “unprecedented global toxic emergency”, independent UN human rights experts have warnedahead of a major summit next week.

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