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  1. Trans-Pacific Trade Pact Reveals U.S.’s Unbridled Corporate Agenda

    The 11th round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) talks concluded in Melbourne Friday, with member states suggesting the negotiations had made significant progress but civil society groups reiterating concerns that the United States' corporate demands could undermine social, economic and environmental policies.

  2. Instant Infant HIV Diagnosis to be Rolled Out in Rural Kenya

    Jesse Mtembe, a nursing officer at the Akithenesit Health Centre in Teso North, in Kenya’s Western Province, cannot wait for his centre to be connected to a new software system for diagnosing HIV in infants that is being developed in the country’s leading private university.

  3. RUSSIA-HEALTH: Censorship and Dirty Needles Fuel HIV/AIDS Epidemic

    A recent government crackdown on Russian media, particularly online information portals specialising in health tips and harm reduction methods for drug users, has sparked widespread public opposition, with critics claiming that the 'draconian silencing' of public health advocates could worsen an already perilous health situation in the country.

  4. U.S.: Obama Requests Slightly Higher Aid Levels for 2013

    Despite strong pressure to reduce the yawning federal deficit, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is asking Congress for a slight increase in funding for the State Department and foreign aid next year.

  5. EUROPE-INDIA: Trade Deal Threatens 'Pharmacy of the Developing World'

    Behind closed doors, a trade deal affecting a fifth of the world’s population has been quietly in the works for years.

  6. HEALTH-BURKINA FASO: More Money Needed to Guarantee the Availability of ARVs

    Burkina Faso's Network for Access to Essential Medicines (RAME) has called on the Burkinabè government to increase the budget allocation to the health sector to avoid interruptions to AIDS treatment.

  7. HEALTH-SOUTH AFRICA: HIV-Related Deaths Slows Economy

    If there was no HIV/AIDS, South Africa would have 4.4 million more people than today, the size of a major city. This significant slow-down in population growth is causing a slow down in economic growth and resulting in social ills, researchers warn.

  8. Double Sentence: AIDS in a Senegalese Prison

    Amadou* takes in a long, deep breath, clears his throat and steps to the front of the room. He turns to look out at a familiar group of faces sitting on long wooden benches here at the Camp Penal maximum-security prison in Dakar. This is the last in a group of 150 inmates Amadou has been speaking with today. He’s tired, but remains focused.

  9. ZAMBIA: 'People Are Not Dead Until They Have Died'

    'I had no power, I could not even walk. I just had to be lifted by someone. When bathing, when going to the toilet, when going anywhere,' Geoffrey Mwila says in a soft voice.

  10. GUATEMALA: Discrimination Undermines AIDS Prevention

    'At the clinic we were attended to by a woman who criticised us and only talked to us about religious questions,' says Carlos Valdez of Proyecto Unidos, an NGO in Guatemala that fights for access to HIV/AIDS prevention services by homosexuals and sex workers.

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