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  1. Europes Shift to the Far Right and its Impact on Immigration

    - Inter Press Service

    ROME and AMSTERDAM, Jan 02 (IPS) - The recent elections in the Netherlands signals the increasing power of the far right in Europe. The populist party of Geert Wilders, the Party for Freedom, won a decisive, albeit unexpected, victory taking 37 seats out the 150 seat in parliament. Wilders will likely be the head of the next Government. His policies include stopping all immigration into the Netherlands, holding a referendum on leaving the EU, and banning mosques and the Quran.

  2. Indonesia urged to protect refugees following mob attack

    - UN News

    The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has appealed for action in the wake of a mob attack against refugees in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, on Wednesday.

  3. UN’s Grandi welcomes EU deal overhauling regional migration system

    - UN News

    The UN High Commissioner for Refugees on Wednesday welcomed a key deal by members of the European Union (EU) to overhaul their joint migration system which promises a fresh and unified approach to deal with asylum claims.

  4. UN and Humanitarian Partners Seek $46 Billion for Humanitarian Assistance

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Dec 18 (IPS) - Funding humanitarian programs will continue into the new year, but the funding cuts of the previous year may impact the prioritization of the most immediate and most life-threatening needs.

  5. Migration is a fact of life and a ‘force for good’

    - UN News

    Migration is a “fact of life” and a “force for good”, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday, calling for safer options for the millions seeking opportunities to improve their lives in the face of danger and despair.

  6. UN Staffers Face Threat of Being Forced Out of the US - at Retirement

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Dec 15 (IPS) - Going back to the 1970s, thousands of UN staffers were given legal status opting for permanent residency in the US-- after their retirement.

    But that longstanding privilege now seems to be in jeopardy forcing retirees to return to their home countries uprooting their lives in the US.

  7. Global Refugee Forum ends with bold pledges, solutions for displaced

    - UN News

    While some of the world’s poorest countries are welcoming refugees “with great hospitality”, the international community must match that generosity with far greater solidarity, UN chief António Guterres said on Friday.

  8. Sudans Conflict Needs Civil Society Solutions

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Dec 14 (IPS) - It’s recently been reported that the two main protagonists of Sudan’s current conflict – leaders of the armed forces and militia at war since April – have agreed to face-to-face talks. The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), an East African body, announced the potential breakthrough – although Sudan’s foreign ministry has since claimed IGAD’s statement is inaccurate, creating further uncertainty.

  9. Global Refugee Forum opens amid ‘crisis of humanity’

    - UN News

    A record 114 million forcibly displaced around the world represents a “crisis of humanity”, UN refugee agency (UNHCR) chief Filippo Grandi said on Wednesday as the Global Refugee Forum got underway in Geneva.

  10. The Solutions to Child Poverty Must Reach the Most Vulnerable Communities

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Dec 12 (IPS) - Child poverty persists even in some of the world’s richest countries, new findings from a UNICEF report reveals.

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