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  1. I Came to Work in Qatar to Pursue My Dreams, But My Life is a Nightmare

    DOHA, Aug 19 (IPS) - Like thousands of migrant workers from Africa and Asia, I am finally in the land of my dreams, Qatar. I knew working here would be tough, but I thought I would be able to regularly send money home to my family and live decently.

  2. No More Lost Generations: Global Fund Provides Education for Children in Crisis

    HYDERABAD, India, Aug 14 (IPS) - 15-year-old Humaira* sits on the mud floor of her hut in Ukhiya camp, Cox's Bazar, listening as the rain beats down on the tarpaulin roof.

  3. COVID-19 Sharpens Caste Discrimination in Nepal

    KAILALI, Nepal, Aug 14 (IPS) - Across Nepal, it is the already under-served and vulnerable who have been affected by the prolonged lockdowns. But it is the Dalit returnees from India who have tested positive and their families who face double discrimination.

  4. Keeping Education within the Grasp of Refugee Children

    MBABANE, Aug 13 (IPS) - "Not being able to go to school is not something I'd wish on any child in this world," said 21-year-old Nujeen Mustafa, a young advocate for refugees who fled the Syrian war with her sister. Mustafa, who now lives in Germany, is also the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) high profile supporter.

  5. Impending Food Crisis in Lebanon will Affect Migrant Workers

    UNITED NATIONS, Aug 12 (IPS) - Migrant workers and refugees in Lebanon will "inevitably" suffer the most as food insecurity threatens the nation following last week's blast.

  6. Rohingya Women Take a Seat at the Table & Share Stories in a Growing Rights Movement

    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 24 (IPS) - Rohingya women are coming together to feature their own work, plight and stories in mainstream conversations about their community — a space they say they've been left out of.

    "If we think of revolutions or liberty or think of any ways to liberate ourselves from the shackle of suffering and being dubbed as 'the most persecuted minority on earth', women have to be part of it," Yasmin Ullah, president of the Rohingya Human Rights Network, told IPS.

  7. Marking 75 Years of the Charter of the United Nations

    NEW YORK, Jul 23 (IPS) - The Charter of the United Nations has been a constant presence in my life.

  8. The Great Migration Clash

    NEW YORK, Jul 21 (IPS) - The world is in the midst of the Great Migration Clash, a bitter struggle between those who "want out" of their countries and those who want others to "keep out" of their countries. More than a billion people would like to move permanently to another country and no less than a billion people say fewer or no immigrants should be allowed to move into their countries.

  9. Lebanese Financial Crisis Validates Importance of Abolishing ‘Kafala’

    KESERWAN, Lebanon, Jul 10 (IPS) - They were promised the world but ended up in a Lebanese household. This is the story of many domestic workers in Lebanon. With a 70-year-old sponsor system still in place, domestic workers are tied to their employers with little or no basic rights. The ‘Kafala' system is the major problem behind what we have been seeing in Beirut in the last months.

  10. In India, Climate Change is Increasing Refugees & Human Trafficking

    KOLKATA, India, Jul 09 (IPS) - In India the impacts of climate change induced extreme weather events on the lives and livelihood of people, particularly belonging to the poor and vulnerable sections of the society, are increasing alarmingly with each passing year.

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