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  1. The Guinean Women Who Earn a Little Coin From Gardening

    Market gardening in the peri-urban areas of Conakry, the Guinean capital, is growing quickly, bringing in income for groups of women and giving them some autonomy.

  2. South Sudan Celebrates a Troubled First Birthday

    The streets have been swept clean and lined with flags to mark the first anniversary of South Sudan’s independence. But cosmetic changes in the capital, Juba, mask deep concerns about the future of the world’s newest nation.

  3. Waste Not, Want Not — Providing for South Africa’s Food Security

    As South Africa grapples with reducing its sanitation backlog, scientists seem to have found a way to reduce the build up while simultaneously combatting the country’s food insecurity. The solution? Safely using human waste as fertiliser.

  4. Overpopulation on Uganda’s Mount Elgon Kills Hundreds

    The Ugandan government says it will forcibly remove people settling on the steep slopes of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda’s Bududa District, as the growing population has resulted in increased landslides in recent years.

  5. Eco-Villages Breathe New Life Into Rural Senegal

    Eighty-odd kilometres outside Dakar, the Senegalese capital, solar power and an irrigation scheme are transforming a traditional village into what the government hopes will be a model for the future of the countryside.

  6. Mapping out Climate Change Adaptation Plans on Kenya’s Airwaves

    On a Wednesday morning in Mutitu-Andei township in Makueni County, one of Kenya’s driest areas, smallholder farmer Josephine Mutiso tunes into Radio Mang’elete 89.1 FM and listens as meteorological experts discuss the changes in rainfall patterns in the county.

  7. Increased Investment in Zambia’s Resources Means Displacement of Rural Poor

    As social movements blasted the 'new green economy' proposed at Rio+20 this week, environmental activists in Zambia worried about the role that poor people, especially those in rural areas, are going to play in it.

  8. Market Gardens Key to Autonomy for Niger Women

    Four figures bend intently over their work in one corner of the large vegetable garden near the western Niger village of Dioga. Months after the village's main harvest has been brought in — and eaten up — the irrigated green of the garden is welcome relief in a part of the country where hunger never seems far away.

  9. Mauritian Farmers Hooked on Fair Trade

    In finding a way to survive a 36 percent cut in sugar prices, Mauritian farmers are not only exporting a variety of fruit and vegetables to the European Union, but they have also begun farming in a more environmentally sustainable way.

  10. Mauritanian Cooperative Contributes to Meeting Need for Vegetables

    Fourteen years ago, unemployed and discouraged by a failed business venture, Mohamed Ould Abderrahmane turned to farming. Today the cooperative he set up to grow vegetables on the outskirts of the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, employs several dozen people and provides its members with a handsome income.

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