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  1. Women Organize to Fight Coastal Erosion in Southeastern Brazil

    - Inter Press Service

    ATAFONA, Brazil, May 17 (IPS) - Sonia Ferreira watched as the sea toppled buildings all around her for years. Finally, the impact of the rise in sea levels wrecked her home in 2019. Fishermen find their access to a fishing port limited, affecting their livelihoods. The residents of the coastal town of Atafona in southeastern Brazil count their losses to rising sea levels and climate change.

  2. Rainy Chiloé, in Southern Chile, Faces Drinking Water Crisis

    - Inter Press Service

    SANTIAGO, May 02 (IPS) - The drinking water supply in the southern island of Chiloé, one of Chile's rainiest areas, is threatened by damage to its peatlands, affected by sales of peat and by a series of electricity projects, especially wind farms.

  3. Drought and Unequal Water Rights Threaten Family Farms in Chile

    - Inter Press Service

    QUILLOTA, Chile, Apr 30 (IPS) - For the rural farmers in Chile, a combination of climate change-induced mega droughts, water policies that make access unaffordable and a State that either doesn’t want to or dares not intervene in the water market means family enterprises are dying out.Lack of water threatens the very existence of family farming in Chile, forcing farmers to adopt new techniques or to leave their land.

  4. Managing Transboundary Aquifers for Peace

    - Inter Press Service

    PRETORIA, South Africa, Mar 20 (IPS) - Like surface waters, groundwater resources frequently cross international boundaries, potentially igniting disputes among nations that rely on this essential resource. Disagreements over shared groundwater can arise from various issues, such as inequitable resource distribution, competing water needs and economic dependencies, governance challenges, and the varying effects of climate change on water availability.

  5. Pollution a Threat To Our Groundwater Resources

    - Inter Press Service

    PRETORIA, South Africa, Mar 12 (IPS) - Groundwater pollution significantly affects the prevalence of waterborne diseases. This form of pollution occurs when hazardous substances, such as pathogens, chemicals, and heavy metals, seep into underground aquifers, the primary source of drinking water for approximately 70% of the 250 million people living in the SADC region.

  6. Celebrating Tenacity of Women Farmers: an Incredible Catalyst for Socio-Economic Transformation

    - Inter Press Service

    PRETORIA, South Africa, Mar 07 (IPS) - International Women's Day 2024 serves not only as a celebration of women's achievements across different sectors but also as a reminder of the persistent obstacles hindering gender equality. In line with the 2024 theme, "Inspire Inclusion," it is imperative for every individual and organization to actively engage in promoting inclusive environments. The adoption of such initiatives fosters safe and respectful spaces where women's contributions are valued and celebrated.

  7. Peru's Andean Peoples 'Revive' Water that the Climate Crisis Is Taking From Them

    - Inter Press Service

    CUZCO, Peru, Dec 18 (IPS) - "The rich world has caused the climate change that is drying up our water sources, and here we are doing everything we can to recover them because otherwise we will die," said Juan Hilario Quispe, president of the small farming community of Muñapata, just over 50 kilometers from the Peruvian city of Cuzco.

  8. Kabul Residents Endure Hours-Long Queues in Severe Water Crisis

    - Inter Press Service

    Dec 14 (IPS) - The author is an Afghanistan-based female journalist, trained with Finnish support before the Taliban take-over. Her identity is withheld for security reasonsAccording to United Nations statistics, nearly 80 percent of Afghan families lack access to sufficient water for their daily needs. Afghanistan, a landlocked country with limited water resources, is grappling with an exacerbated drought fueled by climate change, affecting the entire region.

  9. Salvadoran Rural Communities Face Climate Injustice

    - Inter Press Service

    TECOLUCA, El Salvador, Nov 30 (IPS) - For farmers in the valleys below the 15 de Septiembre hydroelectric plant in central El Salvador, the rains bring floods. Now that the rains are more unpredictable, the loss of crops and disruption of fishing are even more devastating as they deal with erratic climate-change-induced flooding.

    For decades, poor fishing and farming communities in southern El Salvador have paid the price for the electricity generated by one of the country's five dams, as constant and sometimes extreme rains cause the reservoir to release water that ends up flooding the low-lying area where the families live.

  10. Accelerating Change: Global Call to Action on World Toilet Day to Meet 2030 Sanitation Goals

    - Inter Press Service

    PRETORIA, South Africa, Nov 19 (IPS) - World Toilet Day 2023, on 19 November, focusing on ‘Accelerating Change’ - Toilets are a foundation stone of public health and play a critical role in protecting the environment”Celebrated annually on the 19th of November, World Toilet Day aims to inspire concerted efforts in addressing the pressing global sanitation crisis, which currently leaves approximately 3.5 billion people without access to safely managed sanitation.

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