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  1. A Post-COVID-19 Recovery will not be Possible if Water, Sanitation & Hygiene are not High on the Agenda

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Apr 07 (IPS) - The UN is commemorating World Health Day April 7. This World Health Day, G20 finance ministers will meet in Rome, Italy, to discuss how they will build back from the pandemic. The global economy is and concerted effort, coordination and imagination is needed to enable not only a worldwide recovery but also to ensure that the world’s poorest people are not left behind.

  2. Mexico Looks to the Heavens for a Solution to Its Water Crisis

    - Inter Press Service

    MEXICO CITY, Apr 05 (IPS) - In neighbourhoods like Tehuixtitla in southern Mexico City, rain brings joy, because it provides water for showering, washing dishes and clothes, and cooking, by means of rainwater harvesting systems (RHS).

  3. Humanitarian & Food Aid Can Never be Enough to Manage Cascading Disasters

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Mar 25 (IPS) - The intersection of crisis, climate change and COVID-19 has resulted in a “rapid rise in hunger”, according to United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Deputy Executive Director Amir Abdullah.

  4. Hope & Numbers: What will it take to Tip the Scales on Climate Action?

    - Inter Press Service

    AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands, Mar 24 (IPS) - We should be well on the way to solving the climate crisis by now.

    According to the Paris Agreement, last year should have been the year that all countries presented their commitments to cut carbon emissions for limiting global climate heating to within 1.5oC of pre-industrial levels.

  5. Water Governance and Data Collection is Key to Reach Development Goals

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Mar 22 (IPS) - Prioritising water governance and ensuring data collection and investment in groundwater use around the world are some of the key issues that need to be addressed with regards to achieving development goals.

  6. Why Water & Sanitation Systems are Vital for the Economy

    - Inter Press Service

    LISBON, Mar 21 (IPS) - This World Water Daywe celebrate the value of water, which at first might be a given: after all, water is the basis of all life. Without water we have no health, wealth, equality, or education.

  7. The Value of Water Goes Far Beyond its Stock Price

    - Inter Press Service

    EAST SUSSEX, UK, Mar 20 (IPS) - In the midst of a global pandemic, when the presence of water in our lives has never seemed more important, its future availability has also never been more uncertain.

  8. Access to Safe Water Never Loses Value

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Mar 20 (IPS) - The global community is celebrating World Water Day 2021. In the COVID-19 pandemic era, the importance and value of water for all people has never been clearer. Access to safe water is essential for public health and thriving communities.

  9. A Moral Failure: Billions of People with No Access to Clean Drinking Water

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Mar 19 (IPS) - The UN will be commemorating World Water Day on Monday March 22.Water is integral to sustainable development, but we are well behind on the goals and targets that we have set ourselves.

  10. Clean Water Vital for Protecting Those on the Frontline of Climate Change in Post-Pandemic World

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Mar 19 (IPS) - For many, the last year will be remembered as the time our day-to-day lives screeched to a halt. As Covid-19 spread mercilessly across the world, wreaking havoc on health and livelihoods, world leaders, health experts and scientists grappled with how to protect populations and stem the tide of the virus.

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