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  1. The Value of Insects: Why We Must Act Now to Protect Them

    - Inter Press Service

    URBANA, Illinois, USA, Jan 27 (IPS) - Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture granted a conditional license for the first-ever honeybee vaccine. This is an exciting step that will protect bees from American foulbrood disease and ultimately help to stop the alarming decline in their numbers.

  2. Erdogan's Desperate Bid to Become the New Atatrk

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Jan 27 (IPS) - As Turkey approaches its centennial anniversary this October, President Erdogan is stopping short of nothing to win the election in June to fulfill his life-time dream of presiding over the celebration. The Turkish people should deny him this historic honor because of the reign of terror to which he has mercilessly subjected his countrymen.

  3. The Year of Debt Distress and Damaging Development Trade-Off

    - Inter Press Service

    SYDNEY, Jan 27 (IPS) - As the year 2022 drew to an end, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) warned, “Developing countries face ‘impossible trade-off’ on debt”, that spiralling debt in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) has compromised their chances of sustainable development.

  4. Guterres strongly condemns attack at Jerusalem synagogue which left at least seven Israelis dead

    - UN News

    The UN Secretary-General on Friday strongly condemned Friday’s terrorist attack by a Palestinian man outside a synagogue in a Jerusalem neighbourhood which has left at least seven Israelis dead, and three others injured.

  5. Mali: ‘Critical year’ begins in country’s return to constitutional order

    - UN News

    Stabilizing Mali is crucial, not only for the country but for the entire region, UN Special Representative El-Ghassim Wane told the Security Council on Friday. 

  6. As the Climate Crisis Bites, Soil Needs Doctors Too

    - Inter Press Service

    ROME, Jan 26 (IPS) - In a wiser world, the term ‘treating someone like dirt’ would be a good thing. After all, 15 of the 18 nutrients essential to plants are supplied by soils and around 95% of the food we eat comes directly or indirectly from them, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

    So dirt is actually a precious resource that deserves to be treated with respect, care and perhaps even a little love.

  7. Cabo Verde Hoists the Blue Flag

    - Inter Press Service

    MINDELO, Cabo Verde, Jan 26 (IPS) - On 20 January, the world’s best sailors arrived in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, completing the initial leg of the 2023 edition of The Ocean Race. Coinciding with this stop was the launch of Cabo Verde’s first blue bond at the Ocean Summit, an event jointly organized by The Ocean Race and the Government of Cabo Verde on the sidelines of the grueling round-the-world race. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was in attendance as this year’s keynote speaker.

  8. UN envoy ‘deeply alarmed’ over deaths of nine Palestinians in West Bank raid

    - UN News

    The top UN official for the Middle East peace process, said on Thursday he was “deeply alarmed and saddened” at the continuing cycle of violence in the occupied West Bank, after nine Palestinians were killed during an Israeli military raid.

  9. Peacebuilding must be rooted in ‘bedrock of inclusive, sustainable development’

    - UN News

    While describing maintaining peace as core to the UN – it's very reason for being - Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed warned the Security Council on Thursday that it was a mission now “under grave threat.”

  10. India Can Use The G20 to Fight Corruption and Reduce Global Inequalities

    - Inter Press Service

    Sanjeeta Pant, Jan 25 (IPS) - The G20 India Presidency is marked by unprecedented geopolitical, environmental, and economic crises. Rising inflation threatens to erase decades of economic development and push more people into poverty. Violent extremism is also on the rise as a result of increasing global inequality, and the rule of law is in decline everywhere. All of these challenges impact the G20's goal of realizing a faster and more equitable post-pandemic economic recovery.

    But as India prioritizes its agenda for 2023, it is corruption that is at the heart of all of these other problems- and which poses the greatest threat to worldwide peace and prosperity.

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