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  1. Punch Like A Muslim Woman: An Egyptian-Danish Boxer Breaking Many Stereotypes

    NEW DELHI, India, Jan 18 (IPS) - As a Muslim woman born and brought up in Denmark, Nadia Helmy Ahmed broke many stereotypes when she started boxing at the age of 15. “Back then it was not common for girls to take up elite boxing, let alone common for Muslim girls, I used to be the only girl in my gym, along with ten others boys,” said Nadia to IPS News.

  2. Conspicuous Silence as Uganda President Wins Sixth Term against Bobi Wine

    KAMPALA, Jan 18 (IPS) - Thirty-five years ago when President Yoweri Museveni talked, majority of the citizens listened. But now, as he approaches almost four decades in power, his message is not resonating well — particularly with the country’s youth who constitute about 70 percent of the voting population in Uganda.

  3. Q&A: China Accused of Intimidating, Detaining Citizens Critical of COVID-19 Linked Abuses

    UNITED NATIONS, Jan 14 (IPS) - China must end its campaign against individuals seeking redress for COVID-19 linked abuses and the human rights lawyers and activists who help them, Human Rights Watch (HRW) with reports ranging from allegedly trapping them inside their homes, to chaining alleged lock-down violators to metal posts. 

  4. Culture of Misogyny and Toxic Masculinity Driving Sexual Violence in Bangladesh

    NEW DELHI, India, Jan 11 (IPS) - In October 2020, Bangladeshi citizens took to the streets, outraged by the reports of gruesome gang rapes and sexual violence that were taking place in the country. According to Ain O Salish Kendraa Bangladeshi human rights organization, 975 women were raped in the first nine months of 2020, 43 women were killed after being raped and 204 women were attempted to be raped by men in Bangladesh.

  5. Was It a Coup? No, But Siege on US Capitol Was the Election Violence of a Fragile Democracy

    Jan 07 (IPS) - Supporters of President Donald Trump, following his encouragement, stormed the US Capitol building on Jan. 6, disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory. Waving Trump banners, hundreds of people broke through barricades and smashed windows to enter the building where Congress convenes. One rioter died and several police officers were hospitalized in the clash. Congress went on lockdown.

  6. If Covid-19 is Primarily a First World Virus, Why is the Global South in Lockdown?

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Jan 07 (IPS) - The currently available Covid-19 vaccines have been authorized for emergency use in Europe and North America. This is due to an apparent spike in Covid-19 flu cases in the northern hemisphere as winter advances. Highly advertised vaccines are being produced and rolled out at ‘warped speed’ by powerful pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies headquartered in Euro-America although their efficacy including how long their immunity lasts is not clear.

  7. Is the COVID-19 Vaccine a Potential Biological Weapon in Reverse?

    UNITED NATIONS, Jan 07 (IPS) - Meanwhile, ”the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the already dire humanitarian and socio-economic situation” Secretary-General António?Guterres said at a meeting online last November, marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.If the coronavirus is not deemed a biological weapon, is the heavily-publicized Covid-19 vaccine in danger of being weaponized when over 159,000 Palestinians who have tested positive in Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) are being denied treatment during a deadly pandemic?

  8. Stand Tall, UN Humanitarians

    LETHBRIDGE, Canada, Jan 05 (IPS) - Most people around the world were glad to see the back of 2020: From the devastating bushfires in Australia to the plagues of locusts through East Africa stretching across Arabia to Pakistan, extreme weather, melting ice sheets at the poles, and Covid-19 that still engulfs the globe.

  9. How Women-centred Digital Platforms can Enhance Empowerment

    NEW YORK, Jan 04 (IPS) - A cherished snapshot of a happy mother and a smiling grandmother is universally associated with a good childhood. In the movies, TV, or media, a broken or depressed mother’s face is hardly seen. But the reality is somewhat different. The measures communities and society take to ensure that women and girls are protected and supported are often questioned.

  10. Mining giant Rio Tinto Face Environmental, Human Rights Complaint in Papua New Guinea

    CANBERRA, Australia, Jan 04 (IPS) - Local communities in the vicinity of the abandoned Panguna copper mine, have taken decisive action to hold the global mining multinational, Rio Tinto, accountable for alleged environmental and human rights violations during the mine’s operations between 1972 and 1989.

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