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  1. The Climate Alarm Is Ringing Its Time to Stop Silencing It

    - Inter Press Service

    A story from Inter Press Service, an international news agency

    LONDON, Apr 12 (IPS) - The heat records keep tumbling – 2023 was the hottest year in recorded history. Extreme weather events keep mounting up. And yet the voices most strongly calling for action to prevent climate catastrophe are increasingly being silenced.

  2. IPCI 2024: Oslo Commitment Protects Sexual and Reproductive Rights Across All Contexts

    - Inter Press Service

    OSLO, Apr 12 (IPS) - Parliamentarians from 112 countries have adopted the IPCI statement of commitment to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health rights, committing to the principle that Life or Death is a Political Statement.

  3. IPCI 2024: Technology as a Tool to Advance and Threaten Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

    - Inter Press Service

    OSLO, Apr 12 (IPS) - Technology emerged as a core theme of IPCI Oslo for its relevance in advancing the objectives of the Cairo Programme of Action.

  4. Rwanda: A Ravaged Country That Bounced Back

    - Inter Press Service

    BLAGOEVGRAD, Bulgaria, Apr 11 (IPS) - As we contemplate the clouded futures of Gaza, Ukraine, and other dire conflict zones that get far less coverage, it may be instructive to recall the surprising success story of a ravaged country that bounced back: Rwanda.

  5. Women Affected by Gender-Biased Climate Change Deserve Justice

    - Inter Press Service

    BULAWAYO, Apr 11 (IPS) - While research into the unequal impacts of climate change on women is growing, more is needed to enable them to realize their rights to climate justice.

  6. When the Man Who Built the Bombs Met the Man Who Dropped the Bombs

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Apr 10 (IPS) - The award-winning Hollywood movie Oppenheimer portrays the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who helped create the atomic bomb, which claimed the lives of an estimated 140,000 to 226,000 people and devastated the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

  7. IPCI 2024: Oslo Conference Focuses on Parliamentary Power over Reproductive Rights

    - Inter Press Service

    OSLO, Apr 10 (IPS) - Gearing up for the 30th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), the world’s parliamentarians and ministers are meeting in Oslo to determine the course of action needed to promote sexual and reproductive human rights (SRHR).

  8. China, India & Sri Lanka Embroiled in the Geo-Politics of the Indian Ocean

    - Inter Press Service

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Apr 10 (IPS) - Unfortunately, a rivalry that should not exist and did not exist historically between China and India is being stoked by the media and some policy makers, especially in the West. It is not too difficult to discern the Machiavellian geo-strategic objectives of this complex game plan.

  9. El Salvador’s Cycles of Violence Through a Teenager’s Eyes

    - Inter Press Service

    BOGOTÁ, Apr 09 (IPS) - Juanita Goebertus Estrada is the Americas director at Human Rights Watch.Two years since President Nayib Bukele announced a “war against gangs” in El Salvador, the country has gone through rapid change.

  10. A Hamas-Israel Cease-Fire, Perhaps?

    - Inter Press Service

    PORTLAND, USA, Apr 09 (IPS) - While the international consensus and world public opinion are resoundingly clear in demanding an immediate cease-fire to the Hamas-Israel war, it remains uncertain whether a cease-fire will be observed.

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