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  1. Indian Christians Seek Equal Rights for Dalit Converts

    - Inter Press Service

    KARNATAKA, May 17 (IPS) - Renuka Kumari is a 45-year-old Christian woman from the Dalit community in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh. She faces numerous challenges every day and hopes for a day when her struggles will end and she can lead a comfortable life.

  2. Taliban Reign of Terror of Flogging, Rape and Torture Instils Fear in Afghans

    - Inter Press Service

    May 16 (IPS) - The author is an Afghanistan-based female journalist, trained with Finnish support before the Taliban take-over. Her identity is withheld for security reasons.In October 2021, Alia Azizi left her office in Herat province after receiving a phone call from a Taliban official and never returned home. She remains missing.

  3. State-Sponsored Killings Rise to Record Highs

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, May 16 (IPS) - When the Taliban captured power back in 1996, one of its first political acts was to hang the ousted Afghan President Mohammed Najibullah in Ariana Square Kabul.

    Fast forward to 15 August 2021, when the Taliban, in its second coming, assumed power ousting the US-supported government of Ashraf Ghani, a former official of the World Bank, armed with a doctorate in anthropology from one of the most prestigious Ivy League educational institutions: Columbia University.

  4. What does Imran Khan's Arrest, Protests Mean for Pakistan?

    - Inter Press Service

    PESHAWAR, May 15 (IPS) - The arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on alleged corruption charges has led to the deterioration of law and order with attacks on army offices for the first time since the country came into being in 1947.

  5. Violence Knows No Borders

    - Inter Press Service

    CAIRO, Egypt / JUBA, South Sudan, May 12 (IPS) - Events in Sudan have been a constant topic of conversation in Cairo's coffee houses since the violence erupted there four weeks ago. The images of almost 30 Egyptian soldiers briefly detained in Sudan by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militias and the death of an Egyptian diplomat in Khartoum caused a stir in Egypt.

  6. USAID Offers Protection to Journalists & NGOs Facing Defamation Lawsuits

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, May 12 (IPS) - The world’s news media -- both under authoritarian regimes and democratic governments-- continue to come under relentless attacks and political harassment.

  7. Finding Ways to Feed South Africa's Vast Hungry Population

    - Inter Press Service

    JOHANNESBURG, May 11 (IPS) - In the deep rural village of Jekezi in South Africa's Eastern Cape, most young and able-bodied people have fled the area, leaving behind people with disabilities, the elderly, and children.

  8. Young Woman Ignites a 3D Printing Revolution in The Gambia

    - Inter Press Service

    BANJUL, The Gambia, May 11 (IPS) - In the heart of The Gambia, an intrepid young woman called Fatou Juka Darbor is blazing a trail for women fuelled by her fiery passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

  9. Parliamentarians Ask G7 Hiroshima Summit to Support Human Security and Vulnerable Communities

    - Inter Press Service

    JOHANNESBURG, May 09 (IPS) - Parliamentarians from more than 30 countries agreed to send a strong message to the G7 Hiroshima Summit in Japan later this year, focusing on human security and support of vulnerable communities, including women, girls, youth, aging people, migrants, and indigenous people, among others.

  10. The Privilege of Making a Choice

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, May 08 (IPS) - A civilian student named Saber was caught in the crossfire in Khartoum. He had two choices: either flee and lose everything; or die. But within a moment his option to choose was violently denied: he died.

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