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"When asked on US television if she [Madeline Albright, US Secretary of State] thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children [from sanctions in Iraq] was a price worth paying, Albright replied: "This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.""

John Pilger, Squeezed to Death1, Guardian, March 4, 2000

There are many sites regarding the Iraqi crisis and it would be impossible to list them all, or even a small fraction! However, the following sites provide analysis and information from where you could start off. You will also find many links from these sites to other web sites:

  • The Iraq Crisis section2 from ZMagazine.

  • OneWorld's Iraq Under Pressure3 section about the build up to the 2003 war, and Dispatch on Iraq4 (updated through to January 1999 but still has some relavant links and articles.)

  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting has a section that looks at the mainstream media coverage5 of Iraq related issues.

  • MediaLens6 provides a lot of media related analysis

  • Operation Dessert Storm; 10 Years After7 reveals declassified documents and is compiled by the National Security Archives organization in the US.

  • Iraq Special Report8 from the UK-based Guardian newspaper. They also have a section called Iraq and the Media9 providing many articles on the issue of media reporting, especially in light of the war on Iraq in 2003.

  • National Network to End the War Against Iraq10 is a network representing 60 organizations from across the United States. It aims to unify the actions and voice of the anti-sanctions/anti-war movement, to increase its effect.

  • Effects of Sanctions on Iraq11 from On Line Journalism Review presents links to many sites of interest.

  • Campaign Against Sanctions In Iraq12 from students at the presitgious University of Cambridge in UK provides many detailed articles and links.

  • The various links provided from the Middle East links13 on this web site.

  • Iraq14 from provides a vast collection of links to web sites discussing the issues surrounding Iraq.

  • News Insider15 collates news from around the world.

  • Truthout.org16 also collates mainstream news.

  • AlterNet17 an alternative news site.

  • Common Dreams18 provides a number of articles, analysis and commentary.

  • Democracy Now!19 radio show provides a lot of analysis with archived radio shows all downloadable.

  • Global Policy Forum20, an organization that monitors policy making at the United Nations has many links and articles on various aspects of the Iraq issue.

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