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The issue is complex and there have been vast amounts written. To start off with then, many of the links below will primarily be towards current issues and conflicts, but many will also provide much more detailed history, analysis and perspectives. Some of these I may not agree with, but they are provided here anyway, for you to follow and compare.

  • ZNet's Mideast Watch1. Here you will find many articles critical of US and Israeli policies. You will also find critique of Palestinian leaders and analysis of how the media frame the issues at hand. Many articles are from prominent critics, including many American Jews that are critical of US policies. Noam Chomsky is an example of such a prominent critic. A large number of links to other sites of interest are also provided. A good first stop at critique and analysis of current issues in the Middle East.
  • The Noam Chomsky Archive2. Noam Chomsky is a prominent social critic and professor at MIT. He is critical of foreign policies of USA. His archive site has many articles and on line books, many of which cover issues of the Middle East, mostly from a U.S. foreign policy perspective.
  • The Edward Said Archive3 provides a list of articles written by the well-known Palestinian (and professor at Colombia University). He himself is a Christian Palestinian who was expelled in 1948. His works include many, including the popular and intense book, Orientalism.
  • Robert Fisk, a British journalist for many years has been in the Middle East. You can find a list of some of his articles4 at the Independent newspaper's web site. (Note that the link above will also show other articles not related to the Middle East.)
  • A couple of links from the Democracy Now! radio show's archives:
    • Speeches5 from Edward Said and Noam Chomsky
    • Various discussions6 including a speech from Edward Said.
    • An interview with Robert Fisk7
  • Middle East Realities8 has a lot of articles and news.
  • The Alternative Information Center9 is a web site full of information and articles created by Israelis and Palestinians together.
  • Continuing Storm: The U.S. Role in the Middle East10 from Foreign Policy in Focus provides an in-depth look at the US involvement in the Middle East. It is written by Stephen Zunes, a Jewish-American.
  • Palestine & Israel11 Special Report from
  • A Human Rights Watch report12 that provides an "investigation into unlawful use of force in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and northern Israel."
  • From Amnesty International:
    • A report13 criticizing Israel of excessive use of lethal force.
    • Their crisis alert14 page.
  • Derechos, an internet based human rights organization focusing on Latin America but also many other parts of the world, has an Israel and the Occupied Territories15 Human Rights section that provides links to many reports from many sources.
  • MERIP16, Middle East Research and Information Project provides information and analysis on the Middle East.
  • See the archives17 from the Democracy Now! radio show.
  • Israel and Palestine18 from the web site has a large collection of links to other web sites.
  • War in the Middle East19 from provides a number of articles and analysis, as well as on-going coverage.
  • Foundation for Middle East Peace20 provides many reports and articles.
  • B'Tselem21, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories is an Israeli human rights organization.
  • The Institute for Policy Research and Development22 has a number of articles.
  • Middle East Reference23 includes a lot of reference information including chronologies and biographies.
The Media:
  • From Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting is their Middle East section24 that looks at how the US media report on the region.
  • Middle East Research and Information Project25 (MERIP). This site provides lots of articles and research.
  • Palestine Media Watch26 keeps an eye on biased and unfair opinion pieces, columns, and newspaper and magazine stories on the Palestinian crisis.
  • Arab Media Internet Network27
  • Jerusalem Post28, a right-leaning Israeli paper.
  • Ha'aretz29, a popular Israeli daily.
  • Jerusalem Report30, another Israeli paper.
  • The British newspaper, the Independent has a good section on the Middle East31.
  • "What Americans need to Know - but probably won't be told - to Understand Palestinian Rage32 by Eduardo Cohen looks at US and Israeli racism at Arabs and the US media in particular. (He himself is Jewish).
  • The Ali Abunimah33 web site provides a look at media myths about the middle east.
  • has a Special Report34 on the Middle East, with audio reports from a number of sources.
  • Media omissions, army lies35 by Amira Hass, a prominent reporter for the Ha'aretz, criticizes the media and Israeli army.
  • Israel Independent Media36 has updated news stories.
  • From the
    • The Media and the Middle East37 is a section from that asks: "Are the ways most media report and discuss the Israeli-Palestinian war making the crisis worse? Do accusations of media bias push people farther apart? How can news stories help bring about peace?"
    • Israel / Palestine Media Bias38 from the provides a collection of articles looking at the media coverage of this conflict.
Some Official Sources:
  • Palestinian National Authority39
  • Government of Israel40
  • Question of Palestine41 from the United Nations. A good place to find official documents on resolutions and other studies. As a small example:
    • UNISPAL42, the UN Information System on the Question of Palestine has links to many resolutions and other documents.
    • UN Resolution 24243 can also be found here.

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